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I am starting to panic

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because Slicks kittens are 6 weeks old now and I have only found homes for 2. They will go together which makes me happy. But the other 4 are still to find homes. The no kill shelter, that has its own vets, has said they will take them. I have used them before and they are very good. Kittens are 90.00 so you know they will find good homes. Its also cage free. In fact, they received 5,000 dollars for being in the top 20 for the one million dollar make over by zoo too. So, I know in my head they will find good homes, but in my heart, I sure would like to know where they go and see who adopts them. Plus, this shelter is about 45 miles away and people from northern PA also go there. I have 8 cats now and would keep them if I could. I am not letting them go until they are 10 weeks old. I guess I am looking for support and others who have been in this situation. I fall in love with kittens soooooo easily as I suppose we all do. I could watch them play all day, never would get anything done. Thanks for listening.
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I would put up ads with pictures at the grocery and pet stores and vet offices. Glad you are keeping them for at least 10 weeks.
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me. His tech says her sister in law wants one, but have not see her yet. So does she really or not. I have a problem with giving them to people I do not know or have not been recommended to me. I basically do not trust people at all. The nicest ones might take one home and feed it to their snake. Stranger things have happened. That is why I am having a difficult time finding homes. I can't bring myself to advertise. Too many weirdos out there. Thanks for the support. I am going to need it!:kitty2
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You're a bit north west of me but check out your local Petsmart. find out who the rescue group is that works in their adoption center. You're a little far for CNY Cat Coalition but maybe you could start taking them to petsmart on the weekends to get them adopted out. Fosters from my group go there whenever we want, usually weekends and petsmart lends us cages (sometimes we bring our own) and we talk to people about them, we have a room where we let potential adopters sit down and play with a kitten or cat before adopting it.
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I am working with does take them to PetSmart and Tractor Supply in Springville and Hamburg NY. I guess I am just so in love with them and to picture them in a cage at a store after they have had the run of our workshop is traumatic for me. I think I am crazy!! I totally know they will end up with good homes. I didn't worry so much about my own kids when they left home! The group I plan on using is They are in Springville, NY. They reconverted an old restruant. Quite a place. Even have HIV + cat rooms, and their own vet. Visit their site. They do great work. I think I need therapy!!
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Ask your vet to put out the word or post a flyer at their clinic. That way, your vet and their staff will know the people and know if they are a good family for a new kitten.
I would suggest running a newspaper ad...but even if you meet the people that doesn't really give you much of an idea of where your little ones will be raised. I'd be a little worried about that.

But, if you can't find homes by 10wks, it sounds like the shelter you've found is a really good place and your babies will be in good hands until they find their furever home.
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I'm sure they'll all get adopted
If you want, you could try refunding some money after the kittens get spayed/neutered...
for adopters!
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all your input. My "problem" is so trivial to all that I am reading here lately. I am feeling better about this now.
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sounds like you're set then. I'm understand your situation, I get the same way with some of my fosters-- but since I have to approve the applications for their adoption I can be sure they go to good places.
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I completely understand how you feel. Our 5 kittens were born two weeks ago and I immediately knew I had to keep one. Now at week two I've decided to keep two. So I figure by week five I'll have decided to keep all of them LOL.

But seriously, I'm already worried about how to find perfect homes for them. I really want to know the people who take them, but that's probably not going to happen.

I haven't looked into whether or not our shelter will take them, but I think that's a good option. People who are willing to pay a lot of money for a kitten, when they could get a free one any day of the week must be good people IMO.

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that people who pay will probably be good parents. That is the tipping point for me when I weigh finding them homes on my own. No one is going to pay me 90.00 for a kitten, I can't provide all the shots and spaying that an organization can. As it is, I have to make a donation when they are surrendered. But peace of mind is worth it. Like you, I wish I could know where they go. I think I will request that. Oh it's sooo hard to see your children leave!! lol
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Originally Posted by farleyv View Post
that people who pay will probably be good parents. That is the tipping point for me when I weigh finding them homes on my own. No one is going to pay me 90.00 for a kitten, I can't provide all the shots and spaying that an organization can.
Shots and spaying is one. Asking payment for something they CAN get free from others is another issue. We all agree never to give away kittens for free, right? As many people feel free = practically worthless and interchangeable.

If you feel it is awkward to ask them pay, an idea is to let them pay a donation to a organisation in the name of the cat. A cat rescue, Red Cross, Doctors without Boundaries.
Idea: If they are religious perhaps even to their church to thank God for that kitty coming home to them. This way they will also bond "magically".
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I am giving my kitten owners the options of I spay and nueter or them if I spay and nueter they have to make a 50 buck donation to my local shelter.

If they they have to make a 50 buck deposit. Who ever I have not found a home for by four months old go to my local low kill shelter. They only put down sick or unadoptable animals.

So kitten are a slam dunk for adoption
And I am keeping allkittens tell 12 weeks or 3 months. August 8th. So a little over 12 weeks
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I completely understand. I can't even go by anything that has to do with adopting out kittys, otherwise I'd want to take them all home
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I can barely go into a Petsmart. If I do, I have to see the cats, even tho I know I am going to suffer. I have found a local home for two of my babies, Half and Half and Panda. Half and Half has that name due to the white stripe that separates his face into a white side and a black side. The others, Range Danger, Traveler, Poofette and Bubble will go to the shelter. My daughter in law has a friend who is a volunteer there. Hopefully she can keep me up to date. The time is going by too soon. I figure the first week of June they will leave me. What will I do then? Last night I went back and laid down on the floor with them. There is nothing better than being covered in kittens. I highly recommend it!
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I fostered for a very short time because like you, I fell in love with all the kittens and had a really hard time giving them up. The president of a Humane Society gave me some advice which I chose to ignore and it's been an issue for me every since. I suffer from arrogance when I think that no one can do a better job with the kittens than I can. I kept Oscar with the excuse that he was chronically ill and the next house wouldn't help him thru his health issues like I could. And of course that led me to also keep Spanky, who was Oscar's best buddy. When do you stop?

If your household gets too large, you will not be able to take in any more homeless cats. If you have a good no-kill shelter that will take in the kittens, you have freed yourself up to take in another set of kittens and help find them homes. You save more lives by having others help you with that burden, rather than trying to do it all yourself.

Look inside yourself to understand your motives on why you want to keep some of the kittens. And remember that there will always be kittens out there that need homes. My hands are now tied with 10 cats, of which 5 are now seniors requiring special care. My only option to help homeless animals right now is thru fundraising for them and other hands off activities.
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Well said Momofmany. I know a couple people who could use your post. I had never thought of it like that.
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right. I find it hard to trust anyone to take as good care as I do. Yea, I guess it is arrogance. You have given me something to think about today. I knew this would happen and I know my husband is concerned about how I will be when they leave. I know I will be a mess that day and maybe a day or two after. I will come through tho. I have lost 9 cats in the last 5 years to old age. Got through that. I have 7 left. Love them all. Thanks again for the pep talk. I needed it. Shannon
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Originally Posted by farleyv View Post
I find it hard to trust anyone to take as good care as I do. Yea, I guess it is arrogance.
And you probably suffer from a really big heart and most likely border on being a perfectionist. The decision you make will be life changing one way or the other - either you fill up your house and it's on hold for new cats for many years to come, or you change your approach and start working towards the "cat nation". I do not envy your decision right now.

for strength.
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