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Missing kitten!

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I came home from a nice evening out with my boyfriend to be told by his mother that sometime between 6pm and 9pm one of our youngest kittens has vanished. The mother decided to move them out of the box that they were inside and now one kitten is just gone.

We caged all the other litters and their mothers, did TWO headcounts to be sure. We checked under everything, both floors of the house. Checked outside. no sign of him. My thoughts are this either:

A) Mom moved him somewhere we just haven't looked.
B) Another mother cat moved him
C) One of the dogs took him

C would be rare, the dogs usually stay away from the kittens. Specially the smaller ones after they got tiny claws in their noses. PLUS the dogs don't usually enter the cat room.

I'm hoping that the mom cat will find her baby and bring him back to the litter, we're keeping all the other litters locked up for tonight. to be honest though it's been-- 5 hours, and no screaming. Makes me feel very bleak.
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OMG! hope the baby turns up.

Keep us posted
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Sometime last night Blue started yeling and was found under the couch-- which we had checked under twice before. Where ever he was he is damn good at hide and seek. Dave's mom found him and he is back with mom now and doing well.
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thank god!!!!!!!!
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Great news.
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My heart just stopped and then started again.

It's those happy endings that get me through.
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