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Shocked the bejesus out of my finger

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At work today we were doing an amputation and the cat's temp was dropping very quickly. So I was running around like mad getting warm fluid bags, towels, etc. I went to plug in the fluid warmer and it wouldn't go, so somehow I ended up shocking the mess out of myself. It didn't burn my finger, but my left arm is still tingly. Not constantly, but anytime I touch that finger to something it sends tingles up my whole arm. This was about 2-3 hours ago. Anybody ever been shocked? Is this something to be concerned about or should it go away? I felt so dumb, . But the rest of the cat's surgery went splendidly, so it was worth it, lol.
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I've been shocked before. The tinglyness always seems to go away after awhile. If there is any discoloration of your finger or the tinglyness lasts for more than a couple of days, I would call a Doctor. Then again, I am a welder and not a medical professional, so take my advice with more than a grain of salt

I hope your arm feels better
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I have before. I seem to remember that weird feeling/tingling lasting for around 7 hours. My right hand and arm never bothered me, so obviously it was nothing serious.
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If you've zapped yourself with a wall outlet, and you're posting on TCS about it, you're already ahead of the game. Keep an eye on it...

i blasted myself several times with an ignition coil a couple years ago... un-fun. I was trying to do an emergency shutdown of a new car engine and I was only thinking of how to stop the thing, so I yanked the coil wire off the distributor... smart.
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Thanks for the replies guys. The tingles are starting to lessen. The end of my finger is a little white actually.... But I could just be seeing things, . I tend to overreact about these things. Hopefully tomorrow the tingles will go away. Again, thanks for the well wishes!
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