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Stinky boys and food

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I'm trying to decide what to try next. My two male cats (one is about 3 years old and the other is about 16 years old) produce the most foul smelling odors. They share a litter box, and I do believe both of them are contributing to the smell. They have had problems with loose stools in the past, but even with their relatively solid stools now, they still stink.

Foodwise, they are currently eating Natural Balance Duck and Pea dry food. They also get canned food occasionally (typically NB Duck and Pea, Wellness Turkey or Wellness Chicken). My older one seems to have issues with fish--he vomits a few times a week when fed dry food with fish--so I try to avoid foods with fish as a main ingredient. Before this they were on California Natural Chicken and Rice, and briefly before that they were on Felidae Platinum. On all three, they continued to stink up the room. My friend commented that even their fur smells bad.

My friend's cats, both female, live with me as well. The girls get Wellness Healthy Weight at the moment, and they were on Royal Canin S/O before that. The girls do not smell at all. I am reluctant to give the boys Wellness because of the fish, but I would love to reduce the odors they produce.

Any recommendations for food or supplements that might help? While I would love to feed canned only, it is prohibitively expensive, especially finding fish-free foods that they will eat (though they do eat most foods). My senior boy also tends to forget that he has eaten and then demand more food--when he just gets canned food, he wants more an hour later. Most of the foods they have been on have been simple formulas. Might it be that they are too rich for the boys--should I try something with more grain rather than less? They have been on grain-free foods in the past, but the smell was even worse and my younger one had an allergic reaction to the foods.
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Are the boys neutered? If not, there is your problem.

However, if they are, one solution is to be sure the litter boxes are clean, and there is at least one litter box per cat, scooped every day.
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My cats eat the NB Duck and Green Pea dry, along with Royal Canin Duck and Green Pea dry. For canned they get Merricks Turducken and Grammys pot pie and Instinct Duck Formula. Zachary cannot have fish of any kind so nobody gets fish.

Both my boys poo can be rather smelly - it's not horrible but not pleasant either. Lilly our girls poo is not smelly at all. Over my lifetime I've had quite a few cats and I personally think that boys poo is just stronger smelling. All the cats I've had were spayed or neutered. Girls did not smell much at all, but the boys did.

We have 3 boxes for 3 cats and I scoop twice a day. You'd never know that we had cats in the house unless you saw them. It's just that right after one of the boys goes notice it in the room where the boxes are - especially Zach cause he doesn't always cover.
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They boys are definitely neutered--both were done before I adopted them. The girls are spayed as well. I have three boxes (one for the boys' room, one for the girls' room, and one in the living room, which they alternately use), and even when they've just been cleaned, it only takes one boy using the box once to make it smelly again. That's why I figure changing their food or adding a supplement might help. It may be that their digestive systems are just less efficient or contain more bacteria. I'm wondering if adding a probiotic might help though. Does anyone have ideas about that?
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probiotic could make it worse ... I would ask the vet about digestive enzymes ( yes the two are often found together )
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Thanks--I'll talk to her.
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You mentioned their fur smells? How are their anal glands? Though I'm not sure it that would make stools smell worse, too.
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