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Just a question...

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So the kittens are almost 4 days old and last night I moved momma and them upstairs to the spare room(they were in the basement) and all went well. They only thing I am worreid about is that CeCe wants to come out of the room when i leave. she knows the other animals are out there and I think she wants to see them.
I think it is too early for her to be leaving the kittens and wandering the rest of the house, is this correct? more How do I know if the kittens are getting enough milk from her??

Thanks In advance
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I have had mother cats in the past that sometimes leave their babies for awhile so they could get exercise. I think let her out of the room for about 10 minutes a day and then put her back with the kittens. Usually my mother cats would love the babies when they were asleep.
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You should invest in a scale that measures in gram increments. Weigh the babies daily and record the results. If they steadily gain weight, they are getting enough milk.
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Scale is a must with kittens.

I wouldn't worry too much about her wanting some alone time, long as she goes back they cry.
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Yes, let Mom out for a stretch a couple of times a day, as the kittens don't need her every second. A scale could be good, but I wouldn't worry if they aren't crying, anmd if Mom is with them often.
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Letting her out into the house is surely OK if she wants. But bevare not to let her go outside!

Yes, to weight them is the standard to know if they get enough.
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My cat had kittens 2 weeks ago. She stayed with them almost constantly for the first 2 days then she started leaving the room for short periods of time. I've noticed that now they sleep for about an hour between feedings and she usually leaves them for that long. Although sometimes she lays in with them and has a sleep while they are.

She's been an excellent mother and knew exactly what to do during the births (good thing because I was a nervous wreck). It was her first litter and my first too.

As far as knowing whether they were getting enough milk, I just figured if they were nursing well and seemed content they must be. They are growing like weeds so I they obviously are.

Good luck with your babies.

(edited to say I have NOT let her out of the house)
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Thanks everyone!!
I will get a scale the next time i head into town. they all seem growing!!

I will start letting her out for a bit at a time, I was just worried about our other animals(2 large dogs and the dad-who is now fixed) bothering her..but i'll give it a try and see how it goes..Thanks again
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