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help regarding pregnant cat???

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i have a birman cross cat millie she is 9 months old and pregnant we decided to let her have a litter before spaying her and were quite happy that we can re home the kittens as lots of friends and family would like one so we went ahead and she is now around 4-5 weeks pregnant. As a teenager our cat had a litter and im comfortable with looking after them and we can afford to support them etc or else i wouldnt have done it we also have a spare room for her and the kittens when they are born but today i was looking on the net at a few sites for some info on what i can do to make her comfortable etc and i have come across a site by a lady who seems quite anti cats having kittens and on it she said cats under 1 can suffer deformities in kittens and problems with labour resulting in the death of the queen, now im panicking and really worried about millie is this true?? what can i do to avoid this?? we have an apointment with the vet this week but i wanted to ask people with experience as the last thing i want to happen s that id be devasted we just wanted her to experience being a mother knowing that we'd be able to care for the kittens any help is much appreciated thank you
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Hello! Well, not giving expert advice here, but I have in the past couple of years had two rescued strays who beat me to the spaying date! "Chiquita" did fine with her first litter at less than a year. Micha just had a litter and she is probably around 9 - 10 months. She is fine, although some of the kittens didn't make it - it was a premature birth. I think, however, this has more to do with the fact that I was out of town the weekend before the projected birth date - so my hunch is that the stress (she is pretty attached to me) contributed to premature birth. She is a good mommy though.

I notice her immaturity sometimes in wanting little Zack to be more of a playmate - she seems impatient in teaching him to play, attack, walk etc.

Anyways, I would suggest taking the advice of the more experienced folks here in the forum. Do try to plan to be with her before, during and after the birth to make sure everything goes ok.

Good luck!
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I know of cats that young having kittens and everything went well.
Its not good to breed cats that young though.
I would get a ultrasound at the vet to make sure the kittens are ok.
How much does your cat weigh?
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Oh, I wouldn't worry about that- 99% of cats deliver fine, so only a very small bit of that 1% had anything go fatally wrong
Good luck to you and Millie!(hehe, I have a foster kitten named Millie too right now! what colour is your Millie?)
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