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Ankle Biter

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This morning as I was getting dressed, Zane ran up to me and without any provocation or prelude bit me on the ankle. It hurt! I yelled and he ran. It has been months since he has done anything like that, and I don't know what set him off.

I haven't done anything to provoke it. I feed him, I pet him, I clean his litter box, I make sure he has clean water, I brush and comb him, I do EVERYTHING for him--why would he attack me like that?

I don't like being afraid in my own home of being attacked, especially when I don't know what sets him off. He's normally a sweet, loving cat, but sometimes something short circuits inside that fuzzy little feline equivalent of a brain and he'll attack. I have a scar on my face that I will bear for the rest of my days; if I hadn't been wearing my glasses, I might have lost an eye.
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Must have missed this part from the books you always suggest, huh?

He's a completely indoor cat, correct? You and toys are his only source of entertainment and way to work off energy. Only you can't play like another cat would - even if he hates other cat, cats do like rough "kitty" type play. He was feeling frisky today. More playtime and keep discouraging him from being rough with you is about all you can do.
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I had a cat as a child like that. His name was Sam and I remember on night waking up from a dead sleep because he was biting my throat! I was maybe 12 at the time and it terrified me! Frankie on the other hand was an only cat for 7 years and never did anything like that. At worst she would attack the blanket "mice" while I was trying to sleep. IOW: if I moved my feet under the blankets she pounced. I think some cats just have a loose wire or two that shorts occasionally.
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The only toy he's ever shown any interest in is 'Da Boid', and even that he will only play with for a few minutes before he walks away.

He was my late Father's cat before he was mine, and Father had another cat with him, PurrPuss, and Zane was mean, nasty, and hateful towards PurrPuss; Zane basically hounded PurrPuss to death. Every time Zane has been confronted with another cat it has been, "Gimme my Uzzi! Gimme my K-Bar! Let me at him!"

I've thought of getting another cat, but the constant supervision needed during the introductory phase is beyond me. Unlike some on this board, I am neither retired nor independently wealthy, nor blessed with a stay-at-home spouse, nor on disability; in short, I work for a living; if I didn't have a job I couldn't pay for the catfood, the litter, or the veterenary fees, and that would mean that Zane would have to go to the local shelter, which means he would be put down.
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My cat likes to come up to my leg and tap it, but never bites it and then run away in the dark when I'm walking by.
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