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Help needed

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Hi everyone,

I am new here and I am from the UK I am a breeder of Bengals, and up until recently things have been going good, I have a litter of 6 week old kittens who were growing fantasticly until a week ago they have since dropped in weight and although they are playful, energetic, happy and normal Bengal kittens they are not right size wise, I have taken them to my vet who said that he can find nothing wrong with them, he said apart from being on the small side there is nothing wrong, I have'nt slept in 2 days as I have been putting down any kind of food I can think of and they will eat a little and then leave it and then return to the food and eat a little more, I have never had underweight kittens before and I am scared I have been leaving KMR down for them to drink, and also offering pilchards and sardines, tuna, as well as the kitten kibble royal canin baby cat, plus your tinned kitten foods and the new royal canin instinctive wet food, i'm at a loss please any advise, many thanks in advance Laura x
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Yes, your vets probably right, but if you want, you can sometimes find things to make cats gain wait at pet stores, but as long as they're eating and playing they shouldn't be at risk of anything. Just perhaps keep them a little longer so they can get to their full size before going to new homes...
You can also try posting this in the breeders forums too- they may have some more suggestions.
Thats all I can really tell you now
Good luck!
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