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We got another kitten!

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We adopted another kitten today! Nora just turned a year old yesterday (the 5th) and up until about 6 weeks ago I had been a stay at home mom with her since we got her at 10 weeks. I started a new job and now no one is home to keep her company during the day and she is having severe separation anxiety, and almost goes into full blown panic attack mode when she sees us getting dressed in the am. I convinced my husband that she needs a friend to keep her company during the day.

We picked up an all blue DSH kitten tonight. She even has a blue nose! lol She is a little over 8 weeks old. I would prefer a kitten a bit older, say 10-12 weeks, but they wouldn't hold her for me. She was a bit over stimulated tonight, with leaving her mom and litter mates (not to mention the 4 dogs they had), riding in the car for the first time, coming to a new house, meeting a new cat, getting her nails trimmed, getting a bath... Poor thing plum passed out as soon as I put her back in her crate. lol She's in there sleeping now with a piece of fleece rolled up next to a water bottle full of hot water.

I have named her Macy (may-see) for now, but a few of our pets in the past have had a name change in the first few days when we get to know their true personality. Nora was originally Hemi. I'm glad we changed her name, b/c she is DEFINITELY a Nora. Hopefully Macy fits this kitten b/c I really like that name.

Here are a couple pictures. They aren't very good b/c she won't hold still long enough for me to get a good shot of her. Ignore the laundry in the background in a couple of them. LOL The poor thing had all her whiskers cut off by the children of the person I got her from so she looks a bit funny. They will grow back, right?? Her ears are more directed forward than Nora's, and I think she'll be a bit darker than her also. Her muzzle is shorter than Nora's is also. She has faint tabby markings now, but I think they'll fade as she gets older. Nora had them when she was that age, and doesn't anymore. Macy's mother is the same all grey, and is sleek and smooth now.

I have no idea how or why her ear is bent over like that.

A wonderful picture of her back

Gratuitous butt sniff

Sticking her tongue out

A funny picture of her playing with her tag. Since we haven't settled 100% on a name for her yet, I'm just using Milo's old tag on her for now just in case she gets out of the house.
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Oh Kara! You did it! You got another kitty! She is SO cute too! Are they getting along? How's Nora accepting her?
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awww what a pretty kitty, gorg colour
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She is very pretty.
I have a blue cat also.
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Wow. What an absolutely beautiful little girl. I think Macy is a great name for her. Hope it fits.
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Nora is doing really well with her! She is doing much better with her than she did with Milo. I think it is a combination of her age, she is older than she was when we got Milo, and that Macy is a girl. They played a bunch tonight, and Macy can hide under the sofa when Nora gets too rough and Nora can't get to her. Macy seems to be having fun playing with her though, she chases her tail and pounces on her, then Nora puts her in a head lock, and they do it all over again. lol It's so much fun!!

She has such a "persian" face. I think it's a mix of her ears being turned forward the way they are, and that her snout is so short. I don't know. She has a somewhat "squished" face. It's hard to tell in the pictures, though. I can't wait to see what she looks like full grown.

Will her whiskers grow back? It drives me nuts, and I'm sure it messes her up also. She walks kind of funny, really wobbly, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it.
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the whiskers usually grow back. Are you sure the kids cut them off? I have had kittens in the past where the whiskers just seem to fall out. It's the weirdest phenomena but they just fall out, sometimes a few sometimes all of them.

but don't worry, they come back.
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She is precious I'm glad you could convince your husband Nora needed a playmate

Her whiskers will grow back, My Pepino was so malnourished when we found him he barely had whiskers

Looking forward to seeing Macy grow up
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Her face does look quite unsual but I wouldn't say Persian looking.

She is, however, absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations!

Kittens chew each others whiskers off too!
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Awww, she looks very soft. And I love the color.
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Okay, absolutely ADORABLE. How can you say the pics weren't good? That kitten is a model You're a lucky meowmy Congrats!
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Congratulations! She is a real treasure.
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Macy is beautiful and her name is perfect. Looking forward to seeing more pics.
Bummer about her whiskers, I believe they'll grow back.
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Do not worry about her whiskers they will grow back.
My sister when she was a kid cut the whiskers off one of my my cats once and they grew bac fine.
It should not effect her balance.
My Cleo does not have whiskers.
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What a cutie. Yes, the whiskers will grow back. When I got Miss Patchwillow her whiskers on one side were cut short. I assumed she'd gotten them caught in something. Anyway, I asked the vet and he said they would fall out and new ones would grow. I don't remember how long it took, but I'm thinking not more than two or three weeks.
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Your new kitten is adorable! Thank you so much for adopting.
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What a cutie!!! Congrats Kara!
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She is adorable!

And dont worry about the whiskers! Google breaks his off and gets them broken by playing too rough on a regular basis!
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She is a cutie. Don't worry about the whiskers they will grow back. My brother did that to a kitten one time and the whiskers grew back.
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So cute! Congrats
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She is so beautiful!
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She is so adorable her fur looks so soft
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