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Frustrated with him trying to escape

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We've had Soloman for a little under a year now, he is indoor only neutered male. He was an indoor only kitty at his first home. He then went to a temporary home (2 months) before we got him. They let him out at night because he would yowl all night and they didn't know what else to do. Ever since we've had him he has tried to escape outside when we open the front or back door. It's been nice out for the past month or so and I am at my wits end with him running out the door. It doesn't help that I have children who play outside and run in and out all day now that school is out. He is making me even more frustrated because now when you approach him after he is out he has started to trot away !! He obviously likes to be out but I want him indoor only. I don't want to be unhappy with my kids for coming in and out but thats what it turning into because I know Soloman is just waiting for them to open the door to make his escape. I've tried everything I know to stop him from doing this: waiting by the door to tell him no and putting him back inside, squirting his rump with water as he exits the door. Please help me keep sane this summer with two children who want to run in and out and one sneaky cat who would rather be chasing bugs outside!!!
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What about an outdoor enclosure? They have some nice ones around. Here is a link:

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I wish but we live in base housing and have to petition just to get a chain link fence. When we own a house someday, an enclose will be the first thing built!! He would just love it.
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A really easy solution is to set up a large free-standing fireplace screen in front of the door. When you leave the house you first step into the screen, then close the screen behind you, and then open the door to leave. This will keep the cat from escaping.

Also, whenever you come in from outside, have treats in your pocket. Make sure kitty knows about the treats, but only give the treats once you cross the room. Soon, kitty will learn that if he wants treats he has to stay inside and walk away from the door.

Also, try carrying little fur mice or little balls and toss them in the opposite direction when you go to the door.
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I don't know if this would be of any help to you but it workeds in our situation. My cat (now 2-1/2 yrs old) was just like that when she was younger. She wears her harness all the time so I'd just clip on the leash & take her out for a walk 22-3 times a day.
We live on 3rd floor of an apartment building so once we go out it really isn't that interesting out there. I think she learned there wasn't much of interest out there & it was boring just walking around on a leash with me. (HaHa)
It was so frustrating! A couple of times she even squeezed between my feet as I came through the doorway.
She hasn't pulled her escaape tricks for ages now.
When it is nice out I leave the front door open and she will lie just inside so she can look out & feel the cool breeze.
There is an about 10 ft sort of entry from the general walk-way around an atrium & residents of 3 apartments walk by this sort of entry hall on the way to their places. These are her friends so she will often go to the edge of the walk-way & lie there since they alwaays speak to her when she is there & she will lick their hands.
They love it & love her which is very good since this is a "no pets" apartment. Recently the owner wanted me to ge3t3 rid of my cat -- her friends were nearly as upset about that as I was. They even talked fo writing up a petition to allow her to stay.
Sorry this is so long but I wanted to tell you the tale of a former "escape artist" So don't give up - there's still hope.
PS - now I have to practically drag her out to take her for a little walk around
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