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Does anyone watch "Ellen"?

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I was watching Ellen's talk show this morning on coffee break. She has a "stimulus" portion on her show where she gives money and gifts to people around America.

Today she read an email that she had received from someone who had written in hoping to be picked.

The girl is a college student. I forget where. She is the first person in her family to go to college. She is paying her own way through. She lives alone and has a cute dog named "Beau."

For the past year she has been eating those instant noodles (Ramin Noodles) in order to save money and be able to feed and look after her dog. When she is short on money she goes without food so that she can feed Beau.

Ellen being an animal lover was touched by the story so she wanted to help this girl, and Beau.

She gave her $3,000.00 cash, two $500 gift cards for Sears and Target, and a whole bunch of food from her "Halo" pet food company.

Beau was off doing his own thing so he didn't get much air time
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The only time I really watched it was on the news station monitor while a news crew was about to do a live broadcast from my house (holiday lights news coverage). I was standing there with the news anchor just waiting for the show to end and to go on to the news where we'd be live in the beginning.

If I remember correctly, Ellen had Elmo on as her guest that night.

That was very sweet of Ellen to help that girl out though nonetheless.
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I live Ellen. I think she is so cool and funny.
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My mom and I watch Ellen. It's great that she's an animal lover. I loved seeing the wild cat on the cat tree
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I like Ellen as well. She has a really good show, is funny, and has the persona of just being one of the gang which is nice when compared to some of the other talkshow hosts.
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I don't watch her show, but I like her a lot.

She comes across as well grounded, unassuming and very UN pretentious. Those are the qualities i think make her great.

She's a good comic too
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I love Ellen, she does a lot of good for a lot of people and loves animals
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I used to watch Ellen until she launched a huge fight against a rescue animal shelter. She used her publicist to call the rescue “Mutts and Mom†to threaten that she was going to sue them and make sure she ruins there name so there organization will be ruined… a rescue organization…. Unbelievable…

All because she signed the same contract every rescue organization makes everyone sign and thought she was above it.

This rescue had deaths threats, lost funding etc because of Ellen.

I don’t like anyone that goes against a non-profit rescue organization and threatens to bring them down, I don’t care who they are.
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