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How to Pick up a Cat or Kitten?

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I wasn't sure of where to put this thread.... I hope it's okay here. Last Saturday when I got to work I saw that a boy kitten named Dorian had threw up from a hairball attack in the kitty kennel that he shares with his sister buttons. While I was clean up their kennel.... He jumped out. So, I immediately went into look mode and a lady groomer picked him up by the scruff of his neck and handed him to me*whew*. So therein lies my question. I pick up my IL cat patches with both hands and she picked him up by his neck.

How do YOU pick up your cat or kitten?
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Dexter is my almost 14lb. senior kitty....
I put my right hand and arm between his hind legs, with my left hand and arm supporting the front part of him.
That hold protects his spine.
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I'd never pick up a cat by the scruff, but I believe that's OK with young kittens -- just as Momcat would -- particularly if it's a case of grabbing the little monster before he gets himself into trouble. But even older kittens, once they are getting a bit of weight in their hind quarters, should be picked up with two hands -- I tend to do one under the arms and the other supporting the butt.
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Sometimes I pick Bella up like a baby, with my hands just under her front legs, then one hand goes to support her butt and one goes to support her shoulders. Or I pick her up like the others before me have described. I don't like the idea of a full-grown cat being picked up by the scruff, but I've seen on Animal Cops the investigators do it if they're trying to get control of the cat. But I would say only in emergencies, though.
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Never picked up a cat/kitten by the scruff. I've always used two hands. If the cat is in a "runaway" mode I do everything to lure her near and then I quickly lift her up. I accept the scratches and bites that follow.
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I have some good news!! Both Dorian and bro little bear and sis Buttons got adopted into a furrever home this past week!!
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Loving homes for all three sweeties....
that is wonderful news.
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Yes - Under the arms.. and under the hind legs/butt. You can crush the windpipe of a larger cat by picking him/her up by the scruff. I had a vet tell me that.
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The proper way is to support the butt. You can pick up by the back of the neck, if the butt is supported. But if its a quick grab (to get them down,etc) it won't hurt. I would never carry a cat just by the scruff of the neck for more then a few seconds.

As soon as you can get your other hand under the butt its better. For example, if your cat is on a high shelf and you got ahold of them by the neck to pull them down - then supported the rest of the body - that's fine. Grabbing them on the neck makes most of them "freeze" - its a inborn thing to stop a tiny kitten from struggling when mom is carrying them.

Otherwise you lift them under the arms and chest and quickly support their entire body.
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