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Food and behavior issues for CRF cat

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My Dusty has CRF. She is on calcitriol and B complex for anemia. She has always been picky about her food, and would only eat some flavors of Fancy Feast. Lately she won't eat much of the FF, so I've been trying other foods, after she rejected all the special diet foods I've tried. She is very thin at 6.6 lbs in Feb. at the vets.

I bought a can of Friskies special diet, fish flavor that she likes! This is good since it is cheaper than FF. I also bought some Purina kitten food, which she also likes. Since she is so thin, I thought the extra calories in kitten food wouldn't hurt her.

She is also going outside her litter box, in a room I can't close off. I don't know what to do about this. I put newspaper on the floor, and she is peeing on the paper. I'm afraid she will ruin the carpet, and I can't shampoo it daily! Help!
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Has she been checked for a Uti?
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No. This isn't new behavior, though we always thought she did it when she didn't get her way, like when she wanted outside and it was too late at night. She has 2 boxes, one upstairs and the other downstairs. It isn't that she doesn't use them, but not always like she used to.
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The kitten food is bad for a crf cat.
The vet made that clear to me when Coco would not eat and I ased i I can try Cleos food.
Coco is only 6.6 pounds also but she will eat the Purina N/F dry.
She will not touch the wet renal foods except for Royal Canin LP.
Have you tried the Royal Canin Lp and Purina N/F?
Will you be able to go to the cat show?
I replied to your pm.
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I could open a pet store with all the kinds of food I've tried that she won't eat. But I'll try those that you suggest too.

I don't know about making it to the cat show yet. Granddaughter has a softball game, and other stuff going on during the weekend, but it's still a definite MAYBE! Fairgrounds, 10-4, right?
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It opens at 10.
On my flyer its says its open until 5 but that might just be for us.
Its ok if you are not able to come.
I wnat to go to the breast cancer baseball game for the nuts but its the same day of the cat show.
You should see all the foods Coco will not eat.
I am lucky the vet will take it back and give me a credit
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I wonder if she might pee on the puppy pads & or try to put paper on the pads maybe that would help you. Or put strips of newspaper in a new
litter box.
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