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Ok, the only way I can describe

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it is a house fart. Intermittently, although more and more frequently we hear a loud sound coming from the pipes after flushing. Has anyone else experienced this? Anyone know why it happens? Is it a signal of a potential problem?
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That was really funny!

Howeve,r I don't think it is a good thing for the pipes to be doing that. I am not positive but I think it has something to do with air pockets in the pipes.
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Could it have trapped air? Sorry, couldn't resist that

No idea what it could be?. Is it an old system?
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Might even be a pressure problem, maybe. You could try emptying them first. Shut the water off to everything, run all the facets till they slow to a trickle, turn them off, and turn the water back on - then turn the facets on again. I can't be certain that would get rid of all the air in the pipes, but it wouldn't harm anything to try.
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Yup, it's an old system. We should try getting rid of the air. You're right, Strangewings, it couldn't hurt.

Really, if you heard the sound you would crack up.
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^ I have. My dad's house was built around the '20s.
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A house fart?? Sorry I had to laugh when I read that part!

But yeah, it does seem to be trapped air in the pipes, we had that a couple of years ago and we had the plumber called out...had new taps fitted whilst he visited us too.
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