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Cat-hair and blankets tip

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If your cats sleep on your bed- you can take your blankets, prior to washing them, put them in the dryer with a *wet* dryer sheet- BOUNCE or whatever, and put the cycle on. The hair comes off like a magnet, sticking to the wet static softener sheet. Then you can launder your blankets and you have a lot less hair to contend with.
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Good tip!
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Oh! I would have never thought of that! Thanks Hissy.
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Oh Hey!! THANKS so much!!That IS a great tip! I sent a comforter set to my nephew, which had been at my DD's house. I unfortunately, did not take it out of the big bag it was in, before sending it to him. I called my sister to see if he got it, and she was laughing and said, "Oh man, he called here and said, "MOM! I have a real problem! I got this comforter set and there is something SERIOUSLY wrong with it!" My sister asked, "What?" (Mind you, they have NO animals, nor have they ever, due to my Sister's asthma) He replied,"Well, the quilt has all this fur growing on it, real weird-like!" My sister howled laughing (you could TELL, my nephew had not done much laundry in his life!) and told him to take it to the laundromat, and use a large washer and dryer. That the "weird" fur "growing" on it, was fur from my DD's dogs! I will have to email him and tell him if he sees anymore fur "growing" to use your hint!!! hahaha
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Thanks! I will try that today! I have tried lots of things but I havent ever heard of this, will give it a try though!
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That's great advice..i will have to try that..Fluffy sheds ALOT and she sleeps next to me every night....
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With all the Persians on the bed I'm not sure if I'm covered up with a blankie or cat fur! I will definatly use this tip often!
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Not only does my cat sleep in my bed, she sleeps on my head! I definetely need to defurr the pillow. She has a king size fluffy pillow above my head, she would rather sleep on my tummy, but the other cat has taken to sleeping in the bed, too, and she sleeps at my feet...this is the only way they feel comfortable is as far apart as possible. So, my bed is full of fur, but my hubby is kinda hairy, too, so what the heck? I am just in bed with all my fur babies. Linda
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