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An Update

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I took Bast to the vet, but am unsure with the results. He told me she seems healthy enough, though she is not eating and has little drive to try to. He said it could be due to stress and rattled off some options of medication I can try, etc.

I think I'll be taking her somewhere else for a second opinion...I am currently having to help her eat 2-4 times a day. I really do not want to medicate her unless it's the last, very very last, resort. She has been much more active lately, has started to meow again, and is not hiding anymore.

I've had to have a second root canal (figured I would after seeing the x-rays from the first one ) and have been ill since that happening about a week and a half or so ago. Apparently the infection spread a bit before the tooth was taken care of. I am now on antibiotics, and they are making me very sick...(as antibiotics always seem to do). I'm having difficulty doing much of anything...except sleeping. Supposedly, there is another tooth in the same area as these two that could become a problem too, but hopefully it won't.

Tama, Studs, and Peg, the tripod are all doing well... Studs and Peg have become fast brothers and have lots of fun romping around and snuggling. I will share some photos as soon as I can get them uploaded to the computer.

Anyway, thought I would post a little update, in case anyone here was wondering...and I also wanted to let those interested know that I'll probably not be around the forum for another couple weeks, (until I'm out of the woods).

Hope you regulars are doing well, . Sorry for any and all birthdays I have missed and will miss, ( in advance & late!)
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lots of for you and your kitty!

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Lots of for Bast and for YOU!!
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Sending lots and lots of your way, and for Bast too
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Making you sick, how? Bad reaction to them or bad diarrhea (lots of people get that). If it's the latter, taking probiotics could help.

And I agree about you getting a second opinion for Bast. That's just not normal, and has to be terribly worrying for you.

for both you and Bast.
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Well, good news. Bast has started eating on her own again, dry and wet food.
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YaY!!! That's FANTASTIC news!! Way to go Bast!
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