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My new nickname for my Kitty is "The Penguin".

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Because she grunts like one.

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I call one of my cats "chatty cathy" after the old doll (and the cat is a boy) because he NEVER shuts up! I never heard more sounds out of one cat. I think he's part mockingbird. All day long he's having a facinating conversation with himself. (I love it.)
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Idge, my boyfriend's cat who was around 10 when we met (she has since passed of CRF) would be insanely loud and chatty-- but she was deaf.

Skully, a cat who is still with us (and not deaf to our knowledge) will walk the entire house screaming to herself.
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my oldest male, Ezekiel, will NOT meow. I have heard it twice in the year and a half that we have owned him and still those two were very soft. He only makes the sweetest chortling noises. and usually just to me He tries to act like a tough guy but he is really just a momma's boy!
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Because she grunts like one.

How cute!
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Cats are the best! When My mom got her kitten he used to follow her everywhere and just meow little kitten meows and look up at her! She would play with him, feed him, talk to him but he just liked to meow at her Now he is very vocal. If we are talking he has to join in He is adorable. I hope my kitten learns to love and annoy me
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Awwwwwwwwwww! I don't think I have ever heard a penguin
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What a sweet nickname
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