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About antidepressants...

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My cat was prescribed a generic Prozac today. I gave her first (smaller than reccommended) dose tonight. Aside from the fact that it can cause an aggressive cat to become more so, it was explained that it was okayed for dogs, but generally not for cats. After thinking about that more, and seeing that she seemed agitated after her dose, I've decided not to continue with that treatment.
I'm going to search the board on others' experiences with this treatment for felines...
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I am not sure, but have you tried Rescue Remedy? It can be a great and safer solution for her...
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I have used it on a dog in the past when natural means did not work, it allowed me some peace of mind when I left her alone... DO NOT just discontinue use without a talk with the vet
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What are you using it for? There is a great article which I linked to in the behavior forums which is expressly about feline aggression and elimination disorders. You might have already found it but here is the link again

Need to find which med is best for your kitty's type of behavior.

I have two cats on generic Prozac for spraying. They are both down to 1/8 of a 10 mg pill. Izzy gets hers everyday, Stomper every other day.

They have been on this for over a year. this dose is much lower than the up to 1/2 a pill a day they can safely take. I have heard of another member who has had a cat on prozac for 6 years now and no ill effects.

For Izzy who I really call my "PTSD kitty" it has helped not only with the marking but with her need to attack the other cats. She is by no means "cured" but she is better and is happier most of the time.
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