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Cat NUmber 2

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Well I caught my second cat. Its that grey and white female that I was talking about and she is pregnant and VERY,VERY, wild. I think if I let her out of the cage she might eat me alive. I will post pics up of her later. she is also very,very,pregnant ahhh I don't know what to do!!!!! should I take her in to get her kittens aborted or should I help her and the babies out? I NEED ADVICE!
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I'm probably the worst person to ask, but I personally could not abort the babies. Kudos to you for all you're doing.
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just how young do you think she is? This should really be the deciding factor regardless of how far along she is. I took in a 7 month old recently who we were told would "pop any day" and she did look very preg even to me... it took 4 weeks for her to give birth. It's very hard on their young still developing bodies, first time mothers have a hard enough time without still being babies themselves.
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I think there isn't any one correct answer regarding what to do. It's a difficult decision to make.
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I would take her to the vet to get an idea of how far along she is and get his opinion on which is the safest course. A lot will depend on the vet. Some will not spay if the pregnancy is too far advanced.
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Originally Posted by calismom View Post
she is pregnant and VERY,VERY, wild.
You saw the answer in the Pregnant forum?

How is it going? I presume she settled down now and is calm?
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