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Million Dollar Question?

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As I have mentioned in Prior Posts,
I have a new kitty. (Duh?)

Well, Anyway,

So my kitty is Box Trained (i was shocked, because i found her outside)

But when she does have to go potty,

She goes to the box, stands in it, and completely misses...

Its the darndest thing.

Should i be worried?

Or do i just have a retard cat?


anybody have any ideas how to convince her my dad isnt out to get her?

She is fine with just me, but if him or my sister enter the house she flips.
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Hello there!!

Is this a kitten you have? I recently took on two kittens and they some times go to the litter box and poop/pee near the side. They also poop/pee no where near the litter box too . But the crucial thing to remember a kitten is a baby!!!! So they are going to not get it right perfectly! My advice would be, keep an eye on your kitty and be consistant when he/she gets their toileting right give a treat (a kitten biscuit not a very big one because if your kittie gets it right all the time thats a lot of treats)! Another few reasons why your cat might be missing the litter box could be there not being enough litter trays in the house. You should ideally have one tray per cat as a general rule and a spare one if space allows. The litter tray not being clean enough, some cats can be very fussy at the moment I am constantly removing the poop from Amadeus's tray because he doesnt want to go near it if theres more than one in there! The tray isn't big enough? I had a cat called Caspian who was a very big tom cat and a standard litter tray just wasn't big enough! So I had to get him a big one from the pet shop. And finally health reasons, I'm not entirely sure how this can be linked to a cat missing the tray but perhaps they can't get to the tray in time or some thing? I think if you have a new kitten my first explanation was probably the most accurate good luck!!
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She is not a kitten. The vet estimated that she is about 3 years old.

She is in the box when she does it. But she misses everytime.

Its the darndest thing ive ever seen.
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Try a deeper or larger pan (maybe one of the plastic storage containers). Or a covered litter pan would work.
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I agree deeper or larger.

I am fostering a mother cat and kittens and Momma cat always uses the box but she digs all of the litter out first and then pees directly on the bottom of the box. It's horrible but I'm realizing that in my situation non clumping is the best thing.

You really just have to take cues from your cats--find out what works for them.

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Aw...thank you taking in this sweetheart.

My cat does the same, but a larger/deeper box will help. Mine prefers to not sit in it - she holds herself up at the v. edge and lets it go. It goes half in/half out. That's just her preference She is perfect in most ways so I jsut live with it.
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I put my litter pans inside cardboard boxes, so that the litter mess is reduced.
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