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any advice apreciated

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hi i hope this is the right place to put this post.

i dont have a cat at the mo but i have the chance to choose one of 3 rescue kittens.They will turn 8 weeks this week.1 is a male ginger (i think in US the correct colouring is 'red/orange' and 2 female tabbys.
it has been over 12 years since i had experience with a kitten so even tho i am excited i am very scared i might do something wrong.
i have not seen these kittens yet due to vaccines.
i have a friends sister who is a vet so whichever kitten likes me i have the insurance and neutering covered.
what im worried about....
what if i get on with all 3 kittens and they like me,how do i chose?
what if none of them like me what did i do wrong?
i am needing an indoor kitty as there is a road near us is this ok for any of the 3 kittens?
a playful fun loving lapcat would be lovely could any of these 3 be one?
tabby or ginger/red/orange?
male or female? ( i will be having the kitten 'fixed')

also i have a lone ferret who is playful and as soft as a very soft brush LOL could i intergrate them?

i am sorry with all th questionns, i have done so much reading online and in books but i feel peoples experiances sometimes help more

thankyou for taking time to read this
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Kittens will have different personalities, but if all three have been handled since they were very young, they should be pretty similar. We have an orange tabby male, a silve tabby male, and a brown tabby female. They are all different, probably due to their backgrounds. Males tend to be more cuddly, but you never know.

The modern domestic cat has no place in the outdoor ecology. He's hard on birds and small mammals. He's too small to stand up to most predators. He invites mistreatment from cruel people and attack by aggressive dogs.

So, yes, keeping them indoors is a good idea.
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thankyou very much for replying i really apreciate it
i really worry about cats being outside and i know if i had a cat that was outside alot i would be pacing with worry (im a bit of a worrywort lol )
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If I had the choice, I would go with the male ginger. Males tend to be really sweet personality-wise and my boys are especially sweet. My females are sweet and loving also, but there is a difference I can't quite put my finger on.

In picking out a kitten, let the kitten pick you. I find that kittens sense things really well even at a young age and I would go on that instead of color. If the same color, then it's all very easy
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hi and thankyou for replying.
the prob is i am a cat magnet! people call me that cos it dont matter what cat or kitten (same with most animals) it is i say hello and then they wont leve me alone lol
i have gone to peoples houses where they say oh dont bother trying to make friends with 'miss misery' over there ,she dont like anyone. but after a little blink and hello they always come to me. people are absolutly shocked i get called cat whisperer. i am strictly not allowed to stroke a cat outside because they follow me is that a good or bad thing? i thought it was good at first cos i can always go to make catfriends at peoples houses who have shy cats BUT having them try follow you home is not nice for the owners
if all 3 like me i am just scared what to do, i love tabbys,but i'd rather a strong bond over any colour. but my friends 2 ginger/orange male cats when i go to her house just want me they wont leave me alone , i am in heaven of course cos thy purr and its the best sound in the world.
maybe i was once a cat or maybe they can tell i just ooze love at any cat i see

if none of them like me then i have oviously lost the 'magnet' thing and that petrifies me.

i so sorry i babbling again

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I am the same exact way with cats. I am also called the cat whisperer. I find that every cat will come to me, and I don't do anything to warrant that but I will pet them as soon as they rub up against me and the purring starts. You can imagine what it's like when I've got kittens in the house!

I don't think you'll have lost the magnetism, I'm sure you'll find the kitten that suits your fancy, even if they all love you there will be one that will look at your that certain way and you'll know
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I would have to say the ginger boy. But I'm partial since I just adore orange boys.

And if you have a hard time deciding there is nothing wrong with taking two . Honestly kittens do very well if they have a buddy to rough house with and get out all those pent up kitten crazies. Plus there is really nothing more entertaining then a pair of kittens
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