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Beauty Pagents - what do you think?

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Last night was the Miss Universe Pagent, including the old standard bathing suit competition. Do you think that beauty pagents are a good thing, as a scholarship source for women, or does it set back women's liberation?
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The contestants in these pagents are the same ones who will spout 'Its not about what you look like on the outside, but what kind of person you are on the inside that counts' and then parade around in a teeny swimsuit in the next breath

I'm hoping that as our society advances, we'll 'outgrow' these pagents. The girls probably aren't barbie bimbos, but they sure come across that way.
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From what I understand pagents are the largest source of scolarships for women in the world. Canada's contestant at the pagent last night was working on he doctorate in pharmacology. Most are in university and they all know what they are getting into.
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I think beauty pageants are as ridiculous as the "women's liberation" thing. I don't understand why women wanted to be equal when we were way ahead. I could understand the women's right to vote and hold jobs, but the rest of it is just beyond me.
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Scholarships can be earned through hard work and brains as well- flaunting your T'n A isn't necessary. Its archaic.
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I don't think there is anything wrong with them. The participants WANT to participate, so why is it even an issue?

Its no different than any sort of other competion, whether it is sporting, talent, or in this case, how you look and speak.

I'm all for them.
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I'm pretty neutral about young adult women competing in pagents. I wouldn't do it and wouldn't encourage my daughter too, but it's a free country and these pagents don't hurt anyone. The pagents I really can't stand are the ones for baby to preteen girls!! It makes me sick to see these innocent little girls dressed up in sexy clothes with their faces layered in make up all for the glorification of their MOTHER'S EGOS!! You can't convince me that those little girls LOVE pagents. (I use to teach various grades from K though 6 and heard these kids complain about being forced to go to a pagent when they didn't want to.) They're just little kids who need to play and be little kids for as long as they can. The whole thing is sicko.
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Ah, the grandmother of reality tv.....

How is vying for a scholarship by putting on a bathing suit any worse than hanging all over some guy for a million bucks?
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I can't imagine my mother EVER tarting me up and parading me around. It was hard enough to get me out of my jeans (not to mention trees), when I was a kid. Even in my teens, she threw a fit if I was wearing more than pale lipstick and mascara!
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There's just something that I don't understand. How are beuaty pageants related to scholarship money?

All the scholarships I've applied for in relation to studying all required me to provide an academic record to date, write a short essay as to why I deserved the money and what I would do with it and what my goals were in the long term.
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Most pagents (and the Miss USA, Canada and Universe pagent included) give as the prize, not money, but scholarships. There is such a demand out there for scholarship money, that most people can't get one. If this helps them further their education I am all for it. I don't agree on pagents for kids, but when you are a teen, you can make your own choice.
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Okay I enjoy watching pageants, however, I think they are a pretty LOUSY way to hand out scholarships. To even be in one of those pageants you have to have a near perfect figure, skin compextion, etc.

What about women out there who aren't drop dead pretty, who aren't a size 2, and who don't have a perfect complextion. There are plenty of them who are just as smart, and who want to make a difference in this world as much as the next pageant girl. WHY can't these girls be considered for all this extra 'scholarship' money being given out to pageant winners.

Maybe I sound jaded and silly, but it doesn't sound equal opporunity to me, then again.. what really is?

I prize intelligence, heart, and personality over looks anyday. I'd rather give a scholarship to a chubby, pimple faced girl who worked her butt off in school, went out of her way to help her community, and has volunteered at local boys & girls clubs/nursing homes/animal shelters.. etc.

Although I do enjoy watching the pageants, I'd rather see scholarships be awarded in a different fashion.
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Well I actually think pageants are great! They bring self esteem and fun into the pageanters lives. I actually am trying to be in a pageant well tryin to save up the Sponsor fee.. I won the state title and now Im supposed to go onto nationals, which is a $899 fee ( hotel and meals included) and Halle Berry was in this pageant also!
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I agree that it's okay for girls to win money to go to school.
I agree that financial scholarships are GREAT!!!
What i don't agree with is how they are won.

In australia, Ms. Australia is crowned depending on how much money she can raise for charity.

NOW THAT'S someone i want to representing my country.
The girl who does a lot of charity work.
Not the one with the prettiest smile.
I don't care if she can sing and dance...
And wear a swimsuit...
(We have Britney & The rest of the MTV nation for that)

I don't think there is any better criteria for which a Ms. so & so competition should be judged other than:

It makes sense doesn't it?
The girl who can give the most to society, gets the most, wether she's 5ft2 and a bit chubby or 6ft3 and too skinny.
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I used to love Miss America. They used to have the final 10 or 12 do their talent. Now it is only 5. I would rather have them throw out the swimsuit competition and see more of the talent. I also enjoy the conversation portion, because you can see the personality of the girl. I also think the evening gown competion has gotten to be - how little fabric can I wear. I remember that I couldn't wait for the evening dress competion (which was last) the dresses used to be so beautiful.
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the Miss Teen Usa/ Miss Usa Evening Dresses arent bad BUT OMG the Miss Universe Pageants Dresses!! How slu**y!
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I haven't seen a pageant in many years. Whenever one is on I change the channel looking for something I find interesting.

If people want to "compete" this way let them. It's their free choice and no one else has to support it if they don't want to. Personally, I'd rather watch lions on the Discovery Channel.

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