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I have to get glasses...

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I have been saying for awhile now that I needed to get my eyes looked at. Well today was the day. Ten minutes after sitting in my first period class by head went to pounding. I said that is it I am getting an appt. to get my eyes looked out. I missed second period (with teacher permission) to get this done. Well one he remembered me from when I brought my son in (oldest child, the one with the headaches) so he kinda already new there was a family history of eye issues.

Anyways the end result is I need glasses, no surprise I was suppose to wear reading glasses for the last 17 years and haven't. He said I have a slight astigmatism and either near/far sided, plus have to wear bifocals. I didn't not have much money (and now Tiny's spay will have to wait just a bit longer) so I got the cheap frames and no frills, tho we did op for no line bifocals.

My glasses should come in on Monday, I can't wait to be able to see better.
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I just got new glasses back in February or March. I can't believe how badly I was seeing before I got these. The other day I took them off for a little while at work. I hadn't realized until then just how bad my eye site is!
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As somebody who has had glasses since 6 years old, welcome to the world of seeing. My eyesight is terrible and degrades a little each year. With each new prescription the difference amazes me! Just be glad your sight isn't too bad. Try finding your glasses w/o glasses on when you're almost legally blind, .
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I had a few headaches occasionally but I could see perfectly fine.

Eventually the appointment came and they said that I needed glasses. But have I worn them?

nope! I can see perfectly fine without them too.
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Welcome to the club...

Give the bifocals a couple days for your eyes to adjust.
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I was given a pair of glasses three years ago to wear whilst reading, writing etc..and it's only this year when I had my check up that I realised I hadn't been wearing them enough.

Naughty me!
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The thing is I do have a hard time reading. Like on the computer I have the lettering enlarged just to read and even then I still have a hard time seeing if I lean back. I have a hard time seeing street signs, and I don't drive at night because I have a hard time seeing some things, and then the headaches. If I remember the prescription right I am far-sighted in one eye and near-sighted in the other (one eye had a + number and the other a - number).

Which brings up a funny thing ( thought ) that the doctor said. See he dx'ed my son's eye issues (1 common, 1 uncommon) so when I came in he already knew I would have some odd things going on. He said my brain was wrong different then everyone else (or maybe most people). His analogy was my brain is kinda like a Siamese cat....different from other cats. Not a bad thing they are different is all.
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Yes welcome to the world of better vision!

Catnurse--I had to laugh at trying to find your glasses w/o your glasses on. I too have had glasses since I was 6 or 7 and I wear glasses at night when I take my contacts out. Well I sit them on my nightstand, but Jack seems to always knock them on the floor, so in the morning I have to search for them--oh yeah real easy when you can't see 6 inches in front of you. I looked for them this morning!!

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I got glasses in 6th grade. When I was younger though, my grandma always called me eagle eye because my vision was great. Wonder what happened I've been wearing contacts since I was 17, but also have glasses to give my eyes a rest from the contacts from time to time. I couldnt believe how much my prescription changes every 1-1.5 years. I'd been wearing glasses & noticed license plates seemed blurry. Got a new prescription and everything was clear as day again!

I'm a good candidate for lasik, and my insurance at work offers it at nearly half off each eye, but I dont really think I'm ready for that yet. It kind of scares me too.

Rob is pretty much legally blind in one eye (20/400) and perfect in the other (20/20). He refuses to wear his contact though since he is so used to things being the way they are.
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I got glasses for the first time a couple months ago. They are just for seeing things far away so I barely have to wear them. Driving at night mostly...but I always use to brag about my perfect vision
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I started wearing glasses for reading about 3 years ago and was surprised at how big of a difference it made at that time. However, now I am thinking it is time to go back for a new prescription since some of my old symptoms are starting to surface again.
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I'm surprised that anyone would try driving without wearing their contacts or glasses! If you are near sighted you must wear them. I hope people know that if you get into any sort of accident and don't have either on that you'll get in serious trouble - I believe they can charge you as driving without license, even if you have one. Penalty could include jail time and getting your license revoked. Of course, there's also the fact that you could seriously injure or kill someone by not wearing your corrective lenses, including yourself.

I always wear mine when I leave the house. I cannot see further than three feet away clearly and would be a huge hazard. I believe it's a responsibility to everyone around me not to endanger their lives.
No one honestly cares how anyone looks with glasses now days (and if they do negatively commented they're probably not someone whose opinion should matter to you in the first place). Keep yourselves safe!

ETA: Also, most people if they can find the right frames for their face actually do look good in them, btw!
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