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Is it okay...

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to wash Mao's genital area? They are still a little swollen, and she can't clean herself. She is spotting a little, and things are a little crusty. I tried to clip her fur and she nipped at me. She and Sadie do not like me to touch their bellies either. We are at 3 weeks of fetal movement with no labor yet! But they both seem okay and content. The waiting is making me crazy, though.
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If she'll let you, wipe her gently with a soft wet cloth. Make sure it's warm water and have the cloth wet enough to soak some of the crusty stuff off instead of rubbing hard. You can dry her with a separate cloth.
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If it were me, yes I would use a well wetted cloth and try to soften the crusties. She will clean herself better once she delivers, so don't worry about her being unkempt forever.

Good luck giving her the sponge bath!
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Thanks guys!
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