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High BUN (blood, urea, nitrogen) Levels

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First off, I want to say I love this site, and its usually one of my first resources I go to when I have a specific cat question. On Saturday, I took my two cats to the vet for a checkup. Since my older cat, Bentley, is 7 - I had the vet do a complete blood workup for him. Both cats got good bills of health. Today, Bentley's blood work came back. All levels are good, except for the BUN. The vet wasn't sure what was causing this but wasn't too concerned since all the rest of the levels were normal. He thought it might be that Bentley's teeth need cleaning (which is scheduled) or that Bentley is just eating well, which is also possible because Bentley is a very skittish cat, and has always been underweight. Its just within the last few months that he has really calmed down, has gained weight and is perfect right now. After Bentley's teeth are cleaned, the vet wants to wait a few months, and check the BUN levels again.

Does this make sense? Every thing I found on the internet talks about high BUN levels, plus creotine levels = badness. No information about the BUN levels by themselves.

Thank You for reading this!
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Do you have his numbers for bun?
It would help if we can see how high it is.
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a variety of things can increase a BUN level : kidney issues is the most common but stress can also
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Just rechecked the message, Bentley.s BUN was 39. Normal is 14-36.

I think the vet said 34 - I'll have to replay the message again to find out for sure. I also think the vet said that 14 is a good healthy number.
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A bun of 34 is not that high.
What are the normal values from your vet?
Its 15.0-32.0 at my vet.
I do not think 34 is really bad at any vets.
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My vet didn't too concerned about it, but it is something he wanted to keep an eye on. His thoughts seemed right to me, but this is my very first time with vet care for an older cat and an abnormal test result so I just wanted to make sure this seemed right. Thank You so much for the advice!
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I think waiting a few months is a good idea.
Post what his results are after his next blood test in a few months.
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