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Any one know how to take the batteries out of kittens?

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do they ever stop? lol. They are still chasing one another up and down using me as a launch pad. They havn't stopped since I got in (thats about four hours) and when they do stop using me as a piece of furniture they decide to start playing with the noisiest toy of theres. lol. And once they have made a pleasing racket they then decide it's time to have a wee in the corner of the living room (my queue to rush over and seize the little darling up and rush to the kitty tray). Then they begin there game of chase again. Well who am I to complain? I am only human and they are after all the far superior felines and this is their house after all. I don't think I have ever been so content in being annoyed =) Plus after all it does look promising that I will have a whole nights sleep without a single mew for once.
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Batteries nonremovable, . Enjoy the crazyness while you can!!!
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My now 11 year old neutered ginger tom, Taz was the most franticly, demetedly active kitten I ever saw. He never stopped

One day, as he got close to a year old, he was tearing around lin his usual hoolgan fashion

It suddenly was like a program kicked in.

He went down on his side and lay comfortably, like a more dignified adult cat. He looked around, bewlidered, as if to say "what happened "

I think it was the onset of adult behaviour.

He still plays, when he wants, but has become a more dignified, sedate cat.
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Twenty some years ago I moved into an apartment with two littermate kittens, who were the wildest things I had ever seen. Annie constantly bit my nose while I tried to sleep (I actually bought her a pacifier, but it didn't work), and Orfie once made a running jump up my back as I washed dishes at the sink. I swore I would NEVER EVER have two kittens at the same time again. I haven't, but only due to circumstance. I'd probably do it again.
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Wouldn't it be great if they pooped batteries too?
Enjoy the fun while you can, they grow up sooo fast!
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it is crazy to think this time next year even six months from now they are going to be a lot bigger. Right now you can pick either of them up in one hand and the other in the other hand. They are so adorable and so crazy you gotta love em lol
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Jeez this is the second post tonight that has made me chuckle! I read the title and just imagined a kitten with a little battery box under it's tummy, so when you get tired of the hyperactivity you just switch it off by the flick of a switch

How cool would that be?
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