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I have a Furry, Four Legged Alarm clock

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Every day at six thirty a.m. I am awakened by licks and paws all over me. Then, if I don't wake up, I start to get nipped on my hands until I awake. I see Jake, purring, on my stomach looking at me as if to say, "It's time to get up!" And no, it is not to feed him because he is a free feeder. He keeps on licking my face and arms to say "good morning!" At night, he licks me and purrs me good night and he falls asleep on the pillow besides me.
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.....what a WONDERFUL alarm clock!Purrs instead of ringing....
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I love it when I wake to my kitty's loving! The other night I had a fever and Kittykitty slept across my neck/chest and booger slept under the covers at me feet! Well I woke to kitty licking my face like she does to a bowl of tuna she is getting the last bit from! They knew something was wrong and where trying to make me feel better!
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My favorite feline alarm-clock was Guido, who used to lay on top of my head when he felt it was time for me to get out of bed. I suppose one reason for his effective methodology was that I used to feed the cats once a day back in those days, in the morning. I've learned better!

Michaela give me gentle paw-taps and a small meow when she feels it's time for me to get out of bed. If I don't respond within a "reasonable" amount of time, she then begins to closely examine my face.

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Nena10; Thanks for starting us remembering our
"Furry Alarm Clocks" !!! Over the years, I have had many; and, each had a different way of tellig me he/she thought I ought to be "up and about"

One of my favorites was a beautiful Calico named "Quilt". She would stand on my cest and put her face right in mine and scream "DARLENE" plain as day! You may choose not to believe it but it was true. When asked what her favorite treat was she would reply, "Tender Vittles" (loud and clear)

You all know what I have been facing lately; and, everyone of my "babies" has been especially attentive. When I climb the stairs in the morning they are right there beside me, or watching from the rungs in the bannister at the landing; meowing me on as if to say, "You can do it, Mom just a few more stairs and then we can all play "FOIL BALL SOCCER" in the front hallway" I love these "guys" too-o-o-o-o-o-o much.
(how will I exhist if I have to leave them????) :jarswim:

Oh, and MR. CAT; I am mad about that hot pink grinning cat. . . . . How nice to be able to sign off with a "self-portrait" :laughing:
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Thank you!

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JOE; as I have said many times before; You always "crack me up!!"

Maybe you SHOULD BE The Mayor of Portland . . . .

Love ya, TLK
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Warning! Be advised you are approaching a restricted area! Below you will see a photograph. I am the person seated at the desk, issuing orders to my colleagues Debby and Meow Man. I am not at liberty to divulge what it is we are doing.

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what a sweet thread

i am always woken by cats, they dont lick my face, but, they always place themselves
on all sides of me so i cannot move an inch !

while asleep i can sense their precense, and i wont move, so when i wake up i am practically
in tears from the pain. i am usually in a horrible position, while my cats are stretched out purring happily

it's not good for my Fibromyalgia, but, what can i say ? i'm a sucker !
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Joe....I got such a big kick out of your last post!!!! I thought it was so funny that you had me and Meowman in the picture...and couldn't tell what our secret mission was..LOl :laughing:

I hope you are doing okay Darlene....Colby speaks so highly of you from talking to you on the phone, and i agree with her....though we have never talked...you are the best! Hang in there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nena 10, please forgive me for departing from your thread's topic via my strange secret-mission post. Oh, well. I'm told there's no cure for what I've got!

Debby, thanks for pretending you don't know what the secret mission is! That will reflect well in your performace appraisal, which I'm writing to our superiors on Jupiter even as we speak. For the rest of the people here at The Cat Site, it's only fair that I now divulge our plan. It's. . . .
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Well of course I REALLY know what the secret mission is...I am just trying to be coy....
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B E A D V I S E D !!!! My Niece, Sandi "D" has a "Personally autographed T-Shirt from David Duchovny, and we are having your Entire Operation put under Government Survelience. . . . . (which means that we will leave no stone unturned and "we will sell No wine before it's time. . . . . "

=^.*.^= =^.&.^=
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Awwwww, my little Artemis is the bestest alarm clock

Every night at exactly the same time, she is curled up right there on the pillow beside me. She sleeps just like a human too, head on the pillow, feet all stretched out under the covers. In the mornings I'll wake up and her precious little head will be laying right on me and her little motor will be spinning *PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR* If I dont get up, she has to crawl all over me from one end to the other, nudging my face with her head.

I just love my little furry companion!
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Three-Legged Kat has assigned agent Mulder and citizen Kane the task of tracking us down! I'll let you know if and when the coast is clear.

Now, in regard to those feline alarm-clocks. . . .

Michaela has decided, just within the past couple of days, that 6:00 a.m. is the time for me to "rise and shine." Perhaps her wake-up-Joe regimen is part of yet another secret plan!

Oh, what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practice to deceive.

— Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)

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The TRUTH is Out There. . . . . and if we have to draft the aid of all "Furry Alarm Clocks" then so be it.

We have not ruled out the presence of ALIEN INTELLIGENCE !!!!!
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For more information about these cats, go to URL http://www.execpc.com/~judyheim/spacefaq.html.


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Okay....until I hear further word, I will not pursue the project!!

Debby (AKA agent Scully)
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