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New Cat Inspires New Odd Behavior

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So we brought home our new little guy (Barney) and Bella has started an odd new behavior. She runs into his safe room (when we let him out to run around) and rolls around in his litterbox. It is very bizarre...the first time I thought she was going to just use the box and then I saw her roll on her back with her legs in the air (like she was trying to scratch an itch??).'

I have known kittens to do this, but she is over 2 years old...any experience/ideas?
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Nope, no ideas! Flowerbelle loved to play in the litter box as a kitten (how exasperating!) Now that she's almost six, every once in a while she still bolts in there and freaks out, playing, jumping (doing 180s with her tail all puffed up!), and rolling around. ?????????????

Don't have a clue. So.... how are they getting along?

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When we adopted Zachary, the first thing he did was to roll around like that in his litter box. It had the smell and poo of both Lilly and Forrest in it already. (They both managed to get into his "safe room" right before he arrived and I didn't notice they used the box until Zach was already in there)

I thought it was very odd until I realized that it was the easiest introduction ever. Zachary had made himself smell exactly like the resident cats. He's a very smart boy. Maybe your girl is trying to mix her scent with the new addition.
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Oooo, that's a good one! ...and maybe it means she likes him? Or - likes his smell?

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Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say that she likes him...she is getting used to him. She still does the occasional hiss and run, but they now all eat together and we let him out for supervised contact.

Last night they all had play time with da bird and everyone participated.

I have given them all a touch of vanilla on the ears and chin and that does seem to make things go a bit smoother. So far so good. The litterbox thing is really odd though...the other funny thing about bringing in the new cat is that Stan & Bella seem to be closer now--I have seen them rub sides and sit close together, which they didn't really do before the new guy came into the picture.
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