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I don't get it.

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Do you play World of Warcraft?
If not then yeah, you wouldn't get it

Tank AKA meatshield, the class that will take the most damage to keep every else alive.
Lock =Warlock
Heels (heals) a healing class -paladin, priest, druid, shaman
Shammy = Shaman
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Its a World of Warcraft reference. Lock and Tank, Warlock and Tank class (maybe warrior, paladin, et-cetera.

Heelz and a shammy also refer to other playable classes in the game, although the cat seems to think they are high heals and a sham-wow. ROFL. Pretty funny when you get the references.

Thats kinda how i think Milo, Ollie and Shadow see Dave and I when we talk about WoW.

"Shammy... Why does mommy want one? I didn't pee on the floor, did you?" Milo looks at Ollie, cluelessly.
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I was scratching my head too, I got tank easily, but heels lost me.

Basically he's saying he needs to get a group together.
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I'm guessing Snooch would be the melee DPS class for the group
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Oh my that's hilarious!! Especially seeing as many of the people we play WoW with have cats too.

I've sent this off to all of them!
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Is WoW anything like D&D? I remember playing it in college.
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This should answer a lot of questions.

Also the left hand menu on the site you'll see a link to movies, most of which are gameplay videos
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