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don't want ron to be jealous

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Here are some recent Ron pictures that I scanned as well -

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Ron has the most beautiful brown eyes!! He is going to be a real eye catcher when he grows up. Thanks for sharing.
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LOOK at that HAIR- and that angelic smile! What a cutie Ron-ron is! Give him a hug from his American Auntie..
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Angelic smile? Looks devilish to me, LOL! He looks like either a cherub or an imp... I guess it'll depend upon his mood!

What a cutie-pie! (A chocolate covered one at that! )
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What a heart breaker. Do you think my hubby would be upset if I divorced him for Ron (when Ron is old enough of course!) - LOL! I love that last pic!
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OMG...he is precious!

what a beautiful little boy you have Anne! And what a gorgeous family!
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He's soo cute!
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Love that last pic! He really seems full of charm. What cutie!
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Awwwwwww! What a cutie. He'll need a big stick to beat the girls off!
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What a cutie pie!!! He'll be a heartbreaker for sure
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He has CURLS! Why is it all boys get great hair women want??? Ron is adorable! :
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What a cutie-patootie!! Love that pic with the chocolate.

My grandpa used a picture of my sister, very similar to that chocolate one of Ron to trick his buddies. He'd go up to them and say "You want to see a dirty picture?" Of course, being men they would say "Sure!" with enthusiasm. Out would come a picture of a very dirty baby! LOL
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Wow, Anne! I don't think I've seem pics since Ron was a baby! Just look at all that curly hair! He looks just great. When I think back on how difficult that pregnancy was, he sure was worth the effort. I hope this time is easier for you.
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What a cutie pie! Love the dark eyes and the most beautiful curls! I'm so jealous of his little ringlets!
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