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Has anyone ordered fluids for a Crf cat online?

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The vet charges 40 for Cocos fluids and 40 for the iv set up.
Online it is 30 for a cse of fluids and only 3.75 for the set up.
The vet will sign so that is not a problem.
My husband is afraid it will come with leaks if we order online.
Has anyone ordered from online?
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I haven't but what your vet is charging seems awfully high to me. I'm pretty sure I got my fluids and IV setup for around $30 total. I'll have to check the receipt but that's what I remember. I would just make sure you buy online from a company that's reputable and it should be fine. Just make sure they have a good return policy just in case something does happen to it.
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I can't answer your specific question, but I do know that a company shipping this short of thing usually packages it very well, it's medical supplies.
I can also second the checking the reputation and return policy.
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I order Coco's Aluminum Hydroxide and Miralax from Thriving Pets.
Ian is very nice and has given me advice before.
I can check other places also but I want to make sure I can trust them.
Thriving Pets I now is good.
This is what I am thinking of ordering.

I will need to ask the vet what iv set up is correct.
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you may also want to call local pharmacies for pricing
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I will do that.
The vet is expensive on everything.
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I've been ordering from for years. They're a NJ company so my shipping is a bit less than it'll be for the west coast but I think the prices are good. I've spoken to them several times on the phone - they're friendly and helpful. There has never been a problem with any of the products (ie. leaking) - it's all packed carefully. I use the BBraun Lactated Ringer's with the set that includes an injection port (I give my cat B vitamins through it twice per week).

Check out the site and see how the prices compare with other sites you're considering.

PS - Just FYI, order 20 gauge needles - they're finer and less painful for the cat than the 18 gauge that vets often use.
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I order my cases of Normosol for Zoe through thriving pets, $36 for a case (they have gone down now $6 on their case since I last ordered) . The shipping is what kills you, $27 for shipping from Denver to NM. So the total for a case was $63. Never had a problem with leaks or damaged goods.

Thrivingpets Venoset prices are the best deal that I can find, at $1.90 a piece. I just paid $5.50 each at the vets today! I just moved to Denver and my script for Zoe ran out at thriving pets and I am in the process of getting the cats all in to the new vet. I never thought the vet would be so much more for IV tubing. That is insane. I will get a new script and I can now go right to see Ian at the pharmacy here in Denver to pick everything up and save the shipping fees.

If you have a Costco nearby I have heard they will order cases of fluids for you even if you are not a member there. Just need the prescription.

I agree with Sharky about calling the local pharmacies for prices as well and ask if they will order you in a case.
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Thanks to everyone,
I will check out pharmacys here and the place in New Jersey.
I trust Thriving Pets and have ordered other things from them before.
Ian is very helpful.
I have been using the 18 g needles and got stuck with them twice.
The second time it bled a lot.
The shipping will be high I am sure but its cheaper then the vet.I have to get Coco fluids tomorow at the vet and will leave a message for the Vet to call us.
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I've always ordered my fluids online and never had a problem with leakage or any other issue. I believe I listed my favorite place to order in the sticky at the top of the forum, on crf experiences.
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The vet just called with the results of Cocos urne test.
It is neg.
I am leaning towards Thriving Pets right now.
We will call Costco though.
I want to compare prices at a few places before we decide were to get the fluids from.
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I get my fluids and IV administration sets from the hospital outpatient pharmacy. I think I paid about $32/case of Lacted Ringers, and $2/IV admin set. If you get them locally, at a pharmacy, you will save a ton on shipping. It's robbery, what they charge! I've heard that Brico Medical is very reputable, but, again, the shipping is horrendous. I'm pretty sure that Costco will order fluids. I think that's where my sister (in California) used to get hers.
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The Costco here said to call bac tomorrow for the prices.
Brico Medical is to expensive for the shipping because I am on the wes coast.
I wrote Ian from Thriving Pets asking him what the total will be with shipping.
I will as the vet who we can try around here also.
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