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Fixed my XBox 360

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Okay, so almost everyone that owns one of these has SOME problem with over heating, optical drives going bad, RROD. Etc... The only reason people put up with it is the system has some of the best games( Halo 3, Gears of War 1 and 2, Forza 2 and so on). Last month I replaced my optical drive with a new BenQ drive, much quieter and more reliable. Well, not long after that, I was starting to have over heating issues. So, what I did was take the casing off, and stand it vertical. On what would be the underside I placed a small tower fan about an inch away from it. Before it would get so hot to the touch and would almost burn your fingers. Now it does not. It used to freeze up in the middle of a game. Now I can play Forza 2 for hours on end. I can now play Far Cry 2( which is another graphically demanding game) for hours on end as well. Not bad considering the total price for parts was 60 dollars less than what M$ charges to send it in for a month and wait for it to come back.
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arugh I should have sent you a message!!

I fired my xBox...you know that ever so lovely red ring of death...so it is enroute to microsoft right now.

I hope i get it back soon..I'm losing my DOA skills!!
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