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Contemplating the morning (shelter vs. school)

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So, today I have midterms, starting at 2pm this afternoon. I am also supposed to have my volunteer time at the shelter, but more on that in a bit.

#1: I have to do some catch up for art class. two more assignments to finish. I cna get them done, but probably not in the hour before leaving for the shelter.

#2: I've been contemplating for several weeks now about taking a break from the animal shelter where I volunteer. I'm having a hard time keeping up on my school assignments, and having a few extra hours each week would help. There have also been some 'issues' going on for the Cattery Volunteers. One of which is an incident with my fellow volunteer last week. Our supervisor didn't contact me about my POV of the incident (I was right there), and this has caused my fellow volunteer to resign, because of the unnecessary reprimand placed in her file. The woman who complained was calm and polite while there, complaining over an hour later by phone, in hysterics that she was severely insulted and had stormed out. She was lying through her teeth. She's one of the 'serials' who comes in constantly. I'd dealt with her before... there's more, but I won't go into all the details.

I will also be moving to a neighborhood this summer where parking is an issue. I'll be giving up my car in September, when I go visit my family. Getting out to the county shelter by bus each week would be a sizable chore. And with all the cr** hitting the fan lately (there's other things we've been unhappy about), I think it's time for me to take a break. If you want elaboration on the other things, I'd be happy to spill it... just not completely applicable to this morning. With the exception of that churning of not really wanting to go in today.

So, with school being a high priority, and them not treating volunteers as they should (namely the cat volunteers, dogs and their volunteers are held in much higher esteem), I'm hesitating going in today. I know the cats need me, and I don't want to drag out leaving the shelter any longer than I have to. I'd resign by email, but I have a book I brought in of cat stories so volunteers could do part of the "Open Paw" training by reading to the cats. I want my book back. ("Open Paw" is part of the problem... well, their interpretation of it, at least).

I think I know the answer... but, in a way, need to get some of this off my chest. I'll go shoo a cat off the bed and get some artwork done... hopefully.

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I would focus on school right now. Your degree is something that can set you up for success, do what you need to in order to get that taken care of right now.
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It sounds like you need a break. I know its hard giving the volunteer time up and the cats need help but if you aren't happy and you don't have enought time for school work well I think you know your answer.
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I edned up staying home and I'll be resigning next week. They've been putting off making the test for the Level Two Cattery Volunteers (which i should have been months and months ago) since day one, but have been fussing, primping and preening the dog volunteers and their requirements. She even has a new white board for kennel volunteers (i.e. dogs), but zilch for cats... fine, I see it now, you don't appreciate the cattery volunteers, ignore the training for them, don't do a thing... fine.

I'm tired. After a break, if the Humane Society wants me, I'll go volunteer for them... in the fall most likely. I will go where I'm appreciated.


PS: I think midterms went well...
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