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Sprained my ankle

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On Friday I was getting stuff out of the shed. I stepped in dog poop and slipped down the hill in our yard. Here I was covered in dog poop and mud bawling my eyes out. My 18 year old daughter helped my into the bathroom so I could get cleaned up. My ankle looked like it had half a softball sticking out the side. Dh took me to the ER. The Doctor splinted it. I went Saturday and got it xrayed. It isn't broken, just a bad sprain. The swelling is starting to go down. I still can't put any weight on it. I am as grumpy as an old bear.
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awww bless ya, theres nothing worse than spraining something sometimes i think its more painfully than actually breaking something

get better soon
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Man that sucks! I'm so sorry. A bad sprain can take a long time to heal. it looks worse than it is and you heal up SOON!

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How awful! I hope that your ankle heals up soon
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Has all of the blood started to pool towards the bottom of your foot, yet? Amazing how godawful that looks when it does that.

Get well soon!
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Sending healing prayers and vibes - sprains are so painful (not to mention the humiliation of sledding in dog-poo )
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Ouch that must have hurt real bad Sending you some healing vibes
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I hate it when that happens - spraining ankles, that is. I've avoided sliding down hills in dog poo so far in life...

Years ago I was stupidly running (running and I do not mix, even before the tachycardia issues) across some uneven ground. I stepped in a dip and my right ankle twisted around far enough that there was a loud snap - like a stick breaking. My father refused to let me see a doctor for it and the ankle took roughly four months to heal.

Hopefully you heal up a lot sooner.
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Hope you heal up soon!!

On Tuesday I was in my pole practice and saw in the mirror that my ankle was sticking out quite a bit on one side. Of course then it started to hurt once I noticed it. It had a gigantic bubbly feeling bruise right on the ankle bone. The purple has now spread all the way around the bone I've been icing it, and my calf was hurting this morning - not sure if it is related or because we were doing a lot of jumping in class last night. I cant imagine having sprained it!! (And my instructor managed to snap hers back at the beginning of April - she's already healed up surprisingly).
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