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Martha Steward Indicted by Grand Jury

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On charges of Obstruction and Securities fraud.
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Good! That woman really irritates me for some reason.
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Yeah, and that TV show about her probably didn't do her much good. What a b****!
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Found at cbsnews.com:
"This criminal case is about lying: lying to the FBI, lying to the SEC and lying to investors," said U.S. Attorney James Comey. "That is conduct that will not be tolerated by anyone."
Is lying actually against the law in the US?
I don't think it is in the Netherlands. Unless you are under oath of course, but then it wouldn't be lying but perjury.
If the police would question me on anything (they never did, so I can't be sure) and I would say I didn't know anything, when in reality knew all about it, I doubt if that would be against the law.

Politicians may lose their jobs when they ly, but they don't go to jail.
But ofcourse there is always the question where lying ends and fraud or swindling begins.

What I find strange is that you can go to jail for lying about financial figures that causes people to lose money and not for lying about the presence of weapons in a foreign country that causes people (soldiers) to lose their lifes.
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She is accused of lying to investigators, conducting a legitimate inquiry into possible wrongdoing. That is considered obstruction of justice.

If a person has knowledge of a crime and fails to report that knowledge to the proper authorities, they become an accessory.

The way for evil to continue is for good men to remain silent. ( I know that I'm paraphrasing and I can't remember the author of the original quote.)
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That movie that came out a couple weeks ago didnt help either. Man, if its a true portrayal of her, she is really mean! "Every good cook needs a copper pot"! Wow! What a B.!!! Cybil Shepard did a good job with that role! Now everytime I see her I will think of Martha!
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Lying is only against the law if you get caught (and of course if you are lying about something that can get you in trouble with the law. Me telling my S/O that no those aren't new shoes, I've had them forever, doesn't count)
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LOL Colby!

About Martha Stewart, she is ruthless, most people who get ahead in the world are ruthless to some extent. The movie I am sure hyped up her negative qualities just because Hollywood does that sort of thing.

I take issue with the fact that she lied to the investigators and hampered this investigation- hurting innocent people in the process. I could care less in her sheets are on my bed, or her towels in my bathroom, or if I can decorate my home in true Martha Stewart style. She has no finesse- and is only out for herself.That is why I dislike her so.
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One can get to the top and be successful without being a b**** and hurting people. I read the book, that the movie was based on and, if only half of it is true, she needs a reality check. Do you suppose that she believes her own hype and thinks that she's untouchable?

Having been a stockbroker, she KNEW better than to play hinky, with her stocks. I don't believe her story about the "sell order". There is NO documentation to support it. A large brokerage house is going to document EVERYTHING, to cover themselves from an SEC investigation.
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She took out a $73,000 ad to defend herself-

I had to laugh at Letterman, he said "When Martha Stewart was handed her 8 page indictment, she very creatively made them into 8 lovely placemats! LOL
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My s/o knows some people that worked for her. He met them when he was bartending in a French restaurant. He said they only talked about money, as if there weren't anything else. He isn't surprised that she did this, and neither am I.
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I couldn't care less about what happens to her. Never watched her, never will. I'm just tired of hearing it dragged through the news every day. She's got the money to defend herself. If O.J. Simpson got off, anybody can.
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I agree with Tn Catfancier. She will hire the best legal team she can afford. Nice to know the rich can have the best.
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