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Just for fun.

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Ok I know we all probably do it, but do you ever think if your cats would speak what kind of voices they would have? Like I picture Cali having a very soft spoken kind of old english accent and Guardian having an Irish accent. Mabey its only me that does this but anyone else? Let me know. I would like pictures of your cats and what kind of accent would they have if they could talk?
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hehe i do that i imagine sooty to have a high pitched boys voice with him being a kitten still, as is flash but i think she would sound common as muck like me round people she knows and like a proper lady around others lol
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We do and we'll even say what we think they would say in "their" voice. This applies mostly to Wickett who, even though he's 4, still act much like a kitten. His "voice" is slightly high pitched, child like and very hyper sounding! Frankie is more reserved, proper and snooty. She is a spoiled brat and knows it.
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