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I Need Some Sleep!

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I desperately need some words of advice. I have never had cats before and the problem I'm having is this...I have 2 almost 2 year old cats, one sleeps wonderfully through the night, the other is a nightmare. He walks all over me and purrs so loud in my ear and it not only wakes me but it's disturbing my boyfriend, so much so he is getting unbearably crabby due to lack of sleep as am I. I've tried spraying water and my cat is now totally unphased by it, he just shakes it off and heads for my face. I have locked them both out of the bedroom, but the one constantly throws himself against the door. I have tried to hold him while I sleep but he just squirms out and continues to walk all over me. I'm sooo tired please some advice
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I haven't had this probelm. but I also make a big to do about sleep time. I give everyone lots of love and attention. Put down their dry food for the night and annouce I am going to bed. They come up on the bed for some bedtime snuggles and then they leave me alone.

Try giving the cat that is acting up alot of attention when you are up and see if this helps. Also, I know it's hard, especially when you are already sleep deprived but ignore him when he does this. If he can't get what he wants (which is attention) he'll learn it's the wrong time. But you have to give him what he needs at the appropriate times or this won't work. Sounds like he is really needy right now. Enjoy the love! (but at the right times )
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I have two 5 month old boys and they used to do the same to me when I got them (they sleep in my room, on the bed). The first time they started going all crazy on me, I picked them up and locked them in the bathroom with some water and their beds. The next morning they gave me a very, what did you do that for kinda look, but they got the point.

Now they know that I'm settling down for the night when I start fluffing the pillows and promptly pick where they will sleep (in a corner on the bed) and although they do snuggle up to me sometimes, they don't meow me or pat my face anymore to get attention.

Good luck!
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