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Need To Pick Your Brains

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Max has been scratching at his ear. When I adopted him, he had a bad case of ear mites. He had to be treated three times. He is now 3 years old and every October during his vet visit, he has an ear infection. It starts in one year and then goes to the other. I am now an expert in giving cats ear drops. When he was a year old the vet said it was from the residue of ear mites. He can't still have ear mites, can he? He is an indoor kitty and never goes out. What would cause him to have continual ear infections? Is there any way I can tell if it is an infection on my own without taking him to the vet? Could it be just dry skin? I don't mind spending the money on a vet, it's just that it is so tramtic for him to leave his house.
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...can cats have allergies?

I am just saying this because well, take out the ear mite thing and that almost sounds like what I went through heh. Every time the weather changed I would get ear and sinus infections to find out that I was allergic to the changing of the seasons basically. It took them five years to figure that one out.

I am not sure how you can tell if they are infected. If they are red that's not a good sign. Good luck with it! Hopefully if you have to go to the vet again this will be the last time for Max in awhile.
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Usually when a cat has an ear infection more than once, it's due to an allergy. It could be seasonal,inhaled,or food. They first start scratching, and then you can usually smell a strange odor coming from the ear. The only way to treat them is with the medication or find out what is causing the allergy.
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There is a product called REVOLUTION that will prevent fleas, ticks, earmites, heartworms, hookworms, and roundworms. It will keep the kitty from getting the earmites so you can rule that out.

I would think it is allergies as well. Hope you figure out what your furbaby is allergic to so you can prevent future outbreaks.
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