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'Chance', my sweet little stray...

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This is Chance, a sweet little guy that showed up in my garage over the winter. Had an infected wound on one of his legs, so I got him some care and let him stay in the house for a a while, until he healed up (it's rental property, luckily the tenant and myself are on good terms!). He was overweight, likely from not being able to move well for some time.

When it got nice out and he was healthy, we got him fixed and let him out to see what he would do (he had his claws), if he would wander on home or what, and he was gone for a few weeks, no sign of him; I was over there one day and saw this skinny white cat walking down the street and called him over. It was Chance, all trimmed down. Ever since, he's been a mainstay at the house. Makes you wonder if he thought we were throwing him out, when in fact we just wanted him to find his rightful place in the world. Makes me sad to think about it.

He's very healthy now, has had his shots, is flea-treated and disease free, and knows where his home is - he sleeps every night in his bed by the kitchen door (there's a doggy door to the garage, so he always sleeps "inside").

He's an awesome cat. Huge hands that he bats you with when you turn your back to him. Don't worry Chance, no one is letting you go ever again.

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Awwwww!!! What a sweetie! Is there anyway to make him an indoor cat? Honestly, he would be much safer in a home and could go outside supervised.
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My hope is that my tenant will try to let him go back in the house before winter, when he's hopefully stopped spraying. We've discussed this, and it seems to be in "We'll see" mode. She's a cat lover as well, but has her own kitty, and...I don't know. I just can't take on a 6th, myself.

I agree, being at least a part-time indoor kitty would be best. It's a nice, quiet neighborhood though, we have a neighbor kitty that always comes and visits, and another neighbor that takes care of strays across the street. I've seen Chance go over and play with them.

These are really tough situations for me to process; on the one hand, he's happy and I'm tempted to not mess with things too much (especially when he does get to come "inside" for the night or whenever he feels like it), but on the other hand, I'd like him to have the best and safest environment possible.

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So he's not neutered? I wonder if there are low cost neuter programs around. that may help the spraying. I am just glad this kitty has a nice place to go too. Indoor is of course ideal but indoor/outdoor sometimes has to be it. Thats okay....we can only do what we can do. Knowing our limits and taking care of the one's we promised to take care of is important. If spraying is an issue (and it would be for anyone-ewww) try getting him fixed. It will help with his overall health as well.

He is a cutie pie! Reminds me of my Rocko. Rocko does the paw thing too.
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Yes, he's fixed. I guess 6 months is typically how long it takes to get the testosterone out of their system, so I've got fingers crossed.
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Aw, Chance is a sweetie, and so handsome! Good on you for helping him out.
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