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She's sneezing - lots??

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For the past few days, Ellie has been sneezing what I would think is alot. She's not quite 2 and I adopted her (she adopted me) in November. She's not scratching or licking, is playing and eating normally. I do see that one eye is a bit watery, but I'm also looking at her right after she has sneezed. This morning she woke me up (5am) cuz she had a sneezing fit - about 6 in a row!! I think that scared her more than anything. My poor baby!!! Allergies?? She's an indoor only cat. Thoughts??
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Is she sneezing all the time or just having fits of sneezing?

With the watery eye my guess would be upper resp infection but since there are over 200 types of URI, some a lot worse than others, I would get her checked out if it carries on.

We had one at the shelter who needed a feeding tube and several that needed IV fluids with the latest URI going around

But if it is less frequent and the runny eye was a one time thing, it could be anything. Cats hide illness really well so when mine start showing signs, they visit the vet just in case
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You can keep an eye on her. Fiona has herpes and can get URI's but most of the time her eyes will water and she sneezes. Just keep an eye on her to make sure she is not overly mucousy and having ahrd time breathing. Could be allergies like dust up the nose. My eyes can water if I sneeze alot too. So, don't be overly alarmed but keep watching her.
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I feel like an overly protective mom - and feel sooo bad for her when she's sneezing multiple times!!! George has never been sick so I'm at a loss as to what to do...
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I'd take her into the vet to see if antibiotics are needed. Could be a mild URI or just allergies. This is prime time for kitty allergies, even with indoor babies. My newest addition has allergies, and that's taking some getting used to. He sneezes and I go into overprotective mommy mode, giving him a thorough looking over each time, . Just get them checked out to be sure and your vet will be able to advise you on the best action. Good luck!
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I made an appt for Friday afternoon. Not bad, I get to leave work early on a Friday Hopefully she just has a mild case of whatever she has. I just feel soooo bad for her when she has the sneezing fits!
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Don't feel bad about feeling bad. With Fiona's issues I rub her nose and all around her sinuses. Try to get things moving. She loves it. I will also pick out the boogies from her nose. Yah, I know. But she can't do it herself and it has to be uncomfortable and hard to breathe. I do what i can!
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Just the thought of having to clean out Ellie's nose....eeeewwww! But I'm sure I could do it if I had to! No one thought I would/could clean out a litter box and I have no trouble with that!! And hairballs, and pooh stuck to their fur, and....etc...
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I am glad you are going to the vet.
It got be a Uri or Allergies.
I hope your cat feels better.
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my 3 month old kitty seems to have the same problem. i'm soooo over my head with his vet bills, once he got stressed and stopped eating when i brought him home to so he had to stay at the animal hospital for two nights, once for a check up, and vaccinations... mannnnnn now i have to take him because he sneezes and one of his eyes are watery sometimes, it's always the same eye too. i clean his boogies gently with my nails because its the only thing that will get in there. i know... sexy. is there anything i can do to ease the issues until i get him to the vet in a week or so?
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Ellie and I had our trip to the Vet yesterday. She's okay. Her sneezing is much less than it was at the beginning of the week - almost down to nothing now - so the vet thinks that either she had a viral infection thats at the end or maybe my cleaning last weekend stired something up that bothered her.

I'm sooooo glad she's okay!!!
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