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All of cat's claws are missing

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Our one year old cat was been avoiding human contact for a couple of days. Tonight we noticed that claws are missing from all four feet. What could cause this? Thank You.
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Is the cat strictly indoors?

Perhaps someone picked up kitty & had him/her declawed?

Please take the kitty to the vet to be checked out.
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A follow-up

Originally Posted by utahjeff
I would like to thank everyone for their input and help.

We just got back from the Vet. He is not 100% sure what happened. Some of the claws are gone and some are just VERY short. He said there is no indications that someone pulled them or cut them.

Is looks like she was in "A fight for her life" in some fashion. Because she has no other injuries, he thinks it is likely that she may have been put in a container ( possibly wooden ) or trapped herself in some situation and had to claw her way out.

She is on antibiotics and is expected to make a full recovery. Again, Thank you all !!
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That's a relief!
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Oh my, it sickens me to think what she might have gone through...
I don't know... I read here in the forum so many horror stories of injuries and death happening to outdoor kitties; I can't help but wonder why there are owners that still choose to have their kitties outside. I wonder if these owners read the same things I do? I don't know, I guess I just don't understand it. Anyway, I am glad she was seen by a vet and nothing else is wrong with her - I also hope from now on she is kept inside only.
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aww... I am wishing her a speedy recovery... that is very bizarre
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Glad to hear the vet was able to treat. When it seemed like all the claws were gone, I thought some kind of illness or nail infection, or vitamin deficiency... Did the vet think the nails were healthy and strong, or brittle? It seems unusual that they would all be affected by an accident.

My cat managed to rip out one claw once, but it grew back fine.
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She might have been stuck in some wooden box and had to claw herself out? That's a disturbing image. Ugh. Well, at least she is safe now.
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I've heard that a cat that almost gets hit by a car will have worn their claws down to the bone trying to scramble away from the car. SO that might be what happened. The "wooden box" theory seems less likely. Sounds like some kind of close call anyway!
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Originally Posted by emmylou View Post
My cat managed to rip out one claw once, but it grew back fine.
That happened to Scratch a few years ago - the whole thing was ripped out but it grew back within a few months.
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