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Homemade salsa recipes

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I've recently started to take a liking to salsa and would love to make my own--I think Hubby would be impressed.

Does anyone have any good simple recipes? We are both pretty mild eaters on spices.


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I have a quite nice Mango Salsa recipe. If you're interested, I'll post it this evening -- the recipe is at home.
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im sorry i dont have any ideas on this one, but alot of people metion food on here and it always makes me feel hungry!

if i ever make it over there to the usa im going to be expecting one of you budding cooks to look after me for a meal or two!
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I don't really have a recipe. I do like it chunky though, so I dice everything. If you're going to have it right away, I like to add some avocado. Poblano is a pretty mild pepper you can use. Or you can get canned mild chiles. You don't really need a recipe. Just through together some diced (or if you don't want chunky use a blender or food processor) tomatoes, some onion, salt, lime juice, fresh poblano pepper, or canned chiles, fresh chopped cilantro, some garlic...okay now I'm hungry for fresh salsa!!
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Thanks guys! I probably won't get to make it til the weekend but I'll let you know what recipe I choose and how it tastes.

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I chop equal amounts of tomatoes and onions, a small amount of poblano pepper (sometimes an even smaller amount of jalapeno pepper) a little salt, a lot of lime juice and chopped avocado at the end and blend blend blend. I love it!
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I put pineapple in my salsa but I lost the recipe.
Here is one of the other salsas I make.
I also make one with tomatoes.
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ok here is my recipe. I made some yesterday for a contest at work tomorrow.

3-4 jalapeños, all but one half a pepper deseeded.
3-4 cloves garlic
1/2 medium yellow onion
2 tbl dried pepper flakes
1 tbl salt
2 large cans petite diced tomatoes

Dice all veggies or use food processor and put in bowl
Drain tomatoes and add to veggies
Add salt and pepper flakes. Mix thoroughly.

You can serve immediately or let marinate. The longer it marinates, the hotter the salsa.

I made this salsa for the first time 2 years ago for the contest at work, and won 1st prize for most authentic. I was shocked. One of the guys was upset because his grandma's salsa didn't even place.
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I don't use exact measurements in anything, but my salsa goes like this...

White Onion
Green Pepper (or whatever kind I have on hand)
Hot Peppers, usually jalapeno

I do the tomatoes separately in the food processor so they are a bit chunkier and I can drain off a little juice if there's too much. The rest gets blended a bit finer. Then I add the secret sauce.

Secret sauce = Italian Salad Dressing. I like Kraft Zesty Italian, but any of them work.
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