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Favorite kitty body part?

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What is yours?

Of course I love Kizzy's belly, but my fav. part is the top of his head in between his ears.... so soft.

I also LOVE his toes....the cute multi colored paw pads, the tufts of fur between his toes.... awwwwwwwww.
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Hennessy's has two funny splotches of brown on it and Disa's still hasn't recovered from being shaved at the shelter so it's soft and short and dark, which I presume will go away after his long coat grows back and his tummy isn't as cold anymore.
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Well the first part that came to mind was the tummy. I love it when one of my kitties stretches out and you can stroke their soft tummy!! I love their legs too when they are asleep they go all soft and limpy. Ooh and the tail is so full of catitude and lets you know what kind of mood they are in! Then you have a kitties face perhaps the most beauitful kind of face of all in my opinion - spotless, wrinkless and permenantly cute
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Originally Posted by RussianKitten View Post
Ooh and the tail is so full of catitude and lets you know what kind of mood they are in!
EARS too. LOL. Kizzy flattens his when he is in an "aggressive" play mood.

Nose, like right above the actual nose..... the soft part (bridge of the nose?). Kizzy melts when I stroke his nose.
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I love Poppy's nose because he loves when I scratch it and he always pushes on my nose with his nose. Kitty kisses!

I also love looking at his eyes because they have turned golden.
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Noses! I love when they give me bunts and nuzzles. I also like their little paw pads and the tufts of fur that stick out between them. So cute!
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Paws & toes! Frankie actually likes having her toes rubbed most of the time and she also usually sleeps with them dangeling off the edge of the couch... I juts can't resist. Wickett isn't such a fan of having his paws handeled so my favorite part on him is his mouth. He actually lets me kiss him square on and it's such a cute kissable mouth.
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Chins! I love the contented look they get on their face when you scratch under their chin. It's like everything is right in that one moment.
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I love Domino's cute little tail. It has a little crook at the tip of it. I also love his black nose!
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hahaha Belly Belly Belly!! gotta rub the tummies ^_^ so silky soft
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How can such a thread be complete without some pictures of our favorite kitty body parts!!!!!!
Of course I have several when it comes to Maia. When it comes to the from afar, irresistible characteristics it's the perfect X from her nose to her mouth and her adorable cheeks, and her black paw pads!

Then again there is always her irresistible chelly (cheetah belly)!
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Bugsy: his pink belly......... Lucky: Her tail - FULL of personality!
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I like the fact that my cat Lynxie has seven toes on each of his front feet
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varies w/the cat. but for most, their adoring little faces!
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her little pink nose...

and her muzzles :3
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Bellies, ears, and tails. Bellies are so sooooooft... *melts* And the ears are fun to bend and twist. My kitten loves it, and my cat tolerates it. xD And tails, because when Miloh gets excited, it folds right over his back. Provides a great, free toy.
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Rocko's cheeks. ReeRee's nose. Fiona's fuzzy bib.
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Bodhi's super soft paws with their adorable tufts of fur between the toes. Sometimes I just have this urge to put his paw on my hand when I go to sleep at night. Weird, I know.

Siddha's fluffy soft belly - i love when I he stretches out on his back when I'm holding him and I can give him belly kisses!
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That's hard because each cat is a little differnt, but generaly I love the top of their head. That's the place I find has the strongest kitty smell. Of coarse I think mine all smell a little different.

Levi might be his big belly, cause he gets so happy when I rub it.
Jordan is deffinatly the top of his head.
Isaac is his hairy toes! (look, but don't touch)
Maggie is her big eyes, she just looks so cute.
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I love da tummies!!! And behind the ears, get lots of kisses. Actually who am i kidding I love it all, well minus the claws i get dug into me on occassion....
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