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Donations to help Hope's cats (updated info)

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As many of you are aware, two California-based organizations were involved in the successful effort to get Hope Hacker's cats released from the animal shelter they were taken to following her death.

In another thread, TCS provided information on how to donate to both of them. The first organization was Briland PotCats Rescue. which picked up the cats from the shelter, looked after Sun Lee and Shane for the day until Siamese Rescue came by, and organized Angel's transport, took her for a vet check up, and got her on a plane to Nial.

The website is http://www.briland.com/cats.htm and you can donate through PayPal at that site (or through this shortened link - http://tinyurl.com/cu9kwa) or send a check to BMF, 10153 Riverside Drive Suite 244 - Toluca Lake CA 91602 noting that the donation is earmarked for the PotCats project.

The So Cal Siamese Rescue arranged for veterinary care and a foster home for Shane and Sun Lee. Sun Lee has meanwhile been adopted, and Shane, who is still looking for a forever home, is listed here:

This organization doesn't have an operational PayPal account at the moment, so any donations you wish to make to defray its expenses should be made directly to the P.O. Box listed at their website (Southern California Siamese Rescue, PO Box 1379,Agoura Hills, CA 91376).
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Thanks Tricia for that update.

Siamese Rescue currently has 8 foster homes. I sent them enough toys to distribute to all of their rescues. If you want to send them something on their needed list, you send it to their P.O. Box address.
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Bumping this up
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