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so scared right now

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I just dropped guardian off to be fixed, I know thats nothing to be scared about and im doing the right thing, but my baby boy sparta got fixed and afterwords got a horrible infection that no manner of drugs could fix and was dying from it. He would like to lay on our back porch in the sun and one day didn't come home I was out all night looking for him and found him on the side of the road smushed. I think he knew it was his time and was going away to die and some idiot hit him. I know that I shouldn't say that but this person swerved to hit him on purpose. I could tell from the way he was laying. He was about to turn a 10 months old. I can't help to think about all the things that sparta used to do, like suck on my daughters pacifier to fall asleep and hide under things just to pounce on my feet. I bottle fed him from the time he was three weeks old. I picked him up at our local animal shelter and he looked so small and scared and was covered in fleas. I pulled him out of his cage and walked up to the front desk and asked to take my son home. After he got killed I was heartbroken but the next day Guardian came into our lives and helped ease the grief of sparta, he would sit on my lap and lick the tears from my face and sit with me all night. Thats why I call him my guardian angel because he was there when I needed him. Im so afraid to lose him. So I have basis for my fears right now. I know its stupid to be afraid but I can't help it. Here are some pictures of sparta. sorry for rambling but my family thinks im crazy to love my cats so much. I thought you guys would understand more. the other kitten in the first pictures is cali so you get to see her too

afternote: wow looking back on those pictures calis colors have really changed!

caught with his paci silly boy.

I took this last one the day before he died.
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Im sending my comforting thoughts and some vibes!

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Sorry for the loss of your kitty. Its rare that cats have complications after surgery but it happens. The important thing to do is to get them spayed and neutered. I'm sure your current boy will be fine.

I've only had one case where a kitten of mine was neutered and had a bad reaction and the owner wound up losing him after the operation - nothing they could have done different.

But my concern is more about you allowing them outside unsupervised. If you believe they need outside time, then its your responsibility to keep them supervised when outside - by harness/leash or a cat enclosure. Otherwise you have no idea where your cat is or if he/she will come home.
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I remember your post about your wonderful cats waking you up when your house was on fire. I remember you saying that Guardian was laying on top of your Cali when you found them. He is strong and brave and he will be fine. I am sending you calming vibes and just know that I completely understand your being scared and worried. For you and Guardian. Let us know.
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Awwww You've been through alot! I know how it feels to lose a kitty. i cried for weeks after Billy died. Was he Cali's brother? He was very handsom
GUardien should be fine, but I know that stress too- but keep in mind that the vets know what they're doing, and neutering isn't to complex of a prociedure.
for you and Guardian and Cali&babies!
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Guardian is home! hes doing fine and they said he was such a sweetheart after his surgery and gave them no trouble at all. I also would like to add im doing a good deed. Ive noticed alot of pregnant cats around our apartment complex and happened to mention it to the clinic I brought guardian to and the gave me a trap and told me to catch as many of them as possible and they would fix them and give them all their vaccinations for 5 dollars so I could re-release them! Its so amazing that they would do something like that! I tried to do something like this with our local animal shelter and they wanted to charge me 10 dollars a day for the trap.
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I'm glad for you
Oh wow! That's so wonderful of an idea, and so great of your vet! It may not seem like it, but by doing that, you'll be saving soooo many lives by doing that
If you look at this chart you can see that you could save hundreds or even thousands Good for you!

Good luck to you guys!
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OHHH that is wonderful news (both your boy and the clinic's willingness to get those cats spayed). Glad things turned out well for everyone.
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I am glad your baby is home and did well during the surgery. My boy Bob is going again tomorrow to get neutered, but I am concerned because when I took him 2 weeks ago, they couldn't do the surgery because he had a bad reaction to the gas they gave him to put him out.

I am freaked out a bit, I don't want to lose him, but he needs to be fixed. Can't have 2 whole males in the house!
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Originally Posted by calismom View Post
and the gave me a trap and told me to catch as many of them as possible and they would fix them and give them all their vaccinations for 5 dollars so I could re-release them! Its so amazing that they would do something like that! .

Wow! Yeah!

What do they say? An angel was there just then!

And it was, as we all know... The Guardian A.

Or they WERE into the TNR and happy to concidently meet a first rate volunteer.

Am I destroying a good story? No. Dont ever ask God for a big wonder, if there is any possiblility a small wonder would work. Even for God it is much easier to work small wonders then big wonders...
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