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I'm feeling very stressed today. There is this on-going conflict between some friends of mine & I feel totally caught in the middle. I agree with one side more than the other, but not completely. I feel absolutly sick to my stomach today after talking to one of them last night. It was her tone of voice. She used a threatening tone of voice & I did not like it. I am just so nervous & sick today I can't believe it. I feel like this is the last thing I need. It's the end of the semester, Then I start the last semseter of my masters degree. Jordan is sick again, and now I'm dealing with the junk. I just feel sick & had to get it off my chest so maybe I'll feel better. Thanks guys for listening.
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Ugghh... i'm so sorry that you are having such a hard time. It is definitely stressful when friends are having issues even if you're not directly involved. You said your friend was talking to you in a threatening tone... was the friend directing the 'threat' towards you or someone else? Either way, I know it is nerve-wracking. The best advice I can give you is just to remember to take nice deep breaths throughout the day. Close your eyes and concentrate on inhaling and then exhaling deeply and repeat for about 30seconds (or more if you have the time). Try and do this every hour or so. You might also try repeating a phrase in your head (or outloud) that helps soothe you. One of my favorite phrases is "everything is okay."

Big hugs to you...

Take care and don't forget to breathe!
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I am trying to get this story out without giving too much detail, but I guess I should add that I don't really consider the woman that was being threatening a friend anymore. This is not the first time she has behaved this way, but I'm not sure how to cut ties. I did talk to a counselor who gave me who pointed out that I need to set up boundries with this woman as to when & for what she is allowed to call me. She was being threatening to all of us really, but she goes through me because I am the one that has been the easy one to intimidate. I like the idea of taking deep breaths, because that helps my chest muscles loosen up. I seem to hold a lot of tension in my chest.
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Poor girl =( I am sorry to hear that you are stressed. I hate that feeling of tension and anxiety, I am going though the same thing with my family. You’re ex friend sounds like she’s not very nice, people should know how to properly treat people, especially friends, and not to threaten them… ESPECIALLY friends!

I hope everything turns out ok with you.
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Sorry that you are going through that...
If the problem is not directly with you, just remove yourself from the situation, and tell her to deal directly with the person she has problems with... It's the only advice I can think of...
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Wow, that really sucks! I can imagine that the reason you are mentioning it at all is that you are worried about how this person is going to react to you drawing the line.......
What you need to remember is that your priority in life right now is you. It is so easy to get caught up in the social scene during college, after all these are the times we are most vulnerable. There may be some who try and take advantage of this and target those they feel are impressionable and/or controllable by whatever means.
In my opinion you need to step back from the entire situation. If there have been physical threats towards other students or yourself from this person, you need to report it to the school, security, your parents should be made aware if you feel any physical danger, and local police. I learned the hard way several years ago, the only one who watches out for you is you.....
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This is not someone I go to school with. This is someone outside of school and the threats are not physical. They are more emotional, and are done in a manner that is used to control the behavior of the people around this woman. I am looking at the relationship very differntly these days. As I said I once thought she was my friend, but now I do not. I also have thought back on when I first met her and I see now how even then all of the questions she was asking and everything we talked about was her attempt at learning enough about me to figure out what I had that she could get from me. I know it's a little hard to understand without all the details, but I am trying to protect the business where we met. I could care less what others think of her, but this place is important to me and I don't want people to think everyone there is like her. As a matter of fact we are hoping to get rid of her so that things can run more smoothly.
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