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RIP Dusty 4-4-09

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My 13 or 14 yr old cat (horrible I cant' remember when I got her) passed away this morning. I knew last night she wouldn't make it all night but she waited until my husband got up and gave her some loves. she was purring when he left for work and an hour later when I got up she was gone.

She is going to be so loved and missed. She was such a loveable lap cat and loved to be close to you. the past week she has stopped snuggling on our laps so we knew it was close.

my 6 yr old found her and woke me up (she got up before me) and told me that she wouldn't move. that was hard to explain but we lost a dog last year so it was a bit easier then it would have been.

here is my sweet dusty

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Rest in peace Dusty.

I'm so sorry for your loss. They become such an integral part of our lives and leave a large gap when they go.
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I am so sorry for your loss.Dusty was beautiful R.I.P Dusty
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So sorry about Dusty
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I'm sorry you lost Dusty.

Play Happily over the Rainbow Bridge.
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My condolences. RIP, Dusty.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your Pretty Girl. Rest in Peace Dusty.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

Rest in peace, Dusty.
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Very sorry to hear about your cats passing. I lost a cat 2 weeks ago suddenly so I know how it feels RIP Dusty
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Condolences to you all on losing precious Dusty - what a beauty Now she can scamper happily all over Heaven, with your dog loyally by her side
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RIP Dusty
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Poor baby, she's safe and well across the bridge now


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My Dusty sends her condolences.
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I am having a very hard week. first the date should have been 5/4 I wasn't thinking clearly when I posted. but I have really been missing my snuggly girl this week. we had her cremated and they called late mon afternoon to tell me the ashes were back. I couldn't even bring myself to go get them today and have just been crying off and on all day missing her so much. think I was just so busy last week that it didn't really hit me. plus as snuggly as she used to be she pulled away the last week of her life and didn't snuggle as much. there were times I would have to look and check to make sure she was ok. but think after a week of not having to check on her, or have her near it has really hit me.
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