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Isn’t it amazing how some cats sense your upset?

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Out of my three cats, my Caponey Baloney is the sweetest. My other two use me like a cheap slave and only want love and attention on their terms. Capone always loves me when I need it. I have been stressed at work lately, doing a job I have never done before, without training, along with three other job descriptions, I am also PMS’ing, which means I am over emotional, which usually means my boyfriend and I are going to have an argument (LOL I joke we fight every month at the exact same time, its almost as predicable as my cycle, its no biggie, normal relationship fights and we make up fairly quickly when he realizes I am PMSing and becomes sweet to me). I am also mad at my family for something I cant express out loud to save a huge family fight. Its been crappy.

For the past week my Capone has been brining me presents every night, laying his crinkle balls, stuffed mice, and elastics (all his prized possessions) right beside my face so it’s the first thing I wake up to (thankfully he’s an indoor cat…EEEKK live mice!). He has been sleeping on top of me, which he never does, and since my boyfriend has been working OT all weekend and been busy last week my Capone is ALWAYS with me making sure I am not alone. Usually when I am mentally fine Capone is in hiding and you rarely see him.

I KNOW he is sensing I am upset, he is just so sweet to me, I love my other cats to death, but Capone has a special place in my heart, he is my little protecting man.

Anyone else’s cats give moral support when its needed?
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That is too sweet! He is a handsome boy that knows how to take care of his meowmy. That just made me smile to hear that. I'm glad he's there for you, and I hope everything gets better soon. Hang in there!

I posted about this, too. I've been going through some stuff and Bella is always right there for me. They do have that sense, well I guess some of them, and it just makes everything feel so much better to realize they love you so much, and you love them!
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yeah I understand this, Skunk is very similar in rubbing his face and paws on me whenever I might be crying and he just gets this sad look in this eyes ^_^
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