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The Daily Thread Monday May 4th

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Well Ms Nat is off on her our of town work venture for a few days so I better keep this thread up and running.

Its a very nice sunny spring day here with temps to reach about 69F.

I a starting to carry all the tender plants I overwinter in the basement outside. Bender thinks he can try to sneak out as well and that I wouldn't notice him doing so.

I also want to start working on washing the windows and screens. I figure I will do housework in the morning before work and gardening when I come home. More motivation to get stuff done.

Thats the extent of my exciting day. I better take more ibuprofen as my neck is still stiff.

The rest of the cats are resting-well Bender is too until I make a move towards the door.

Have a good one!!
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Nice sunny Spring day here too. I've been leaving my plants on the balcony for the last couple of weeks now, bringing them inside at night. I forgot the last couple of nights, but it seems to be warm enough now.
Cats are lolling around in the sunlight, planning a busy day...
Have a good one everyone!
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Morning All!!!

Sunny and a bit on the cool side here this morning but is suppose to go up to 16 later today so that will be easier to handle.

Heading off to work in a bit, have a 10:30-3:30 shift. Afterwards I have to go to the post-office and stop off at my old job for a couple of minutes. My replacement there is up to his butt in closing the books for year-end and I think he's a little overwhelmed...I told him I would stop by today and go over it with him.

The thing is it's not difficult, however the amount of information involved makes it seem like it is..

The kitties are good this morning, it's garbage day so they are all sitting in the window watching the progression of the garbage truck down the street and back up. It's one of their favorite weekly entertainments.

Everyone have a great day
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I've not participated in a Daily Thread I don't think, but I'd like to join up if that's alright!

I am back to work after a week's vacation. I didn't do anything spectacular for vacation, unless you count sleeping in every day and playing with the kitties non-stop! I also managed to plant a hanging basket and put up 2 birdfeeders outside a window for the kitties to watch. I had a very relaxing and enjoyable week.

Today it is a nice, breezy 70 degrees outside but I think it is supposed to rain later on.

I left two sleepy kitties lounging on my bed this morning. They had a brief rehashing of the Kentucky Derby around my apartment while I was getting ready for work, but settled down nicely for their 7:30am nap as I was leaving. I miss them already.

Okay, I think I need a coffee refill.

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Well, back at work this morning. I took Friday off, so it was all the harder after a 3 day weekend. The fact that I'm still adapting to feeding my kitties wet food doesn't help. After I fed them this morning, I realized all of their dishes were dirty, so I had to wash them before work or else I won't have anything to feed them with tonight. I also have a stray outside kitty who I've started feeding on the front porch, so I had to take care of him as well. My neighbor and I have been taking care of him and we're going to try to get him neutered and then adopted out.

As far as work, nothing too exciting. I have to focus on finishing up my big project in the next couple of weeks. The work has to be presented in early June, so I'll need to be done with my piece by a little after mid-month. After work, I'll head to the gym. I missed Friday, so I haven't been for 4 days and I need to get in there tonight. Then home for a quiet night and hopefully to bed early to get a good early start tomorrow.
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Good morning everybody!!

It's a somewhat cloudy day here. Hopefully no rain though. We got plenty this weekend!

I'm off from work today but have several things to do. I've got to go up to school to get my classes for the fall semester sorted out and to talk to financial aid. Then I've got to really get my butt and gear and study for my bio final. Then some cleaning around the apartment

The kitties are enjoying their morning. Danny is settling in very nicely. All 3 of them slept in the bed with us last night!! I'm telling you one thing, a full size bed with two people and three cats gets a little crowded. I think we need to invest in a bigger bed, .
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Morning, I am a little groggy still, been a busy weekend! My mom flew out to visit from PA on Friday night, we had a little party to celebrate my 2nd anniversary of moving to California on Saturday, and yesterday went to the Cal State Long Beach baseball game with a few people, fun stuff. My boyfriend and I are taking off work tomorrow afternoon too, so that'll be fun.

It's great to see my mom, she was really excited to meet her granddaughter (my cat Genver), and she had a BIG surprise for me- she's quitting smoking!! I think this is day 6 with no cigs for her. This is a huge deal and makes me so happy, I hope she can stick with it. Please send that she can succeed with kicking the habit!!!
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morning everyone! im bad and didnt go to my first two classes...but i am going to the other two lol. june bug is trying to eat my donut, she has her paw on my napkin as i am eating in my room lol i have to go to the barn and class later tonight, so far it is nice and sunny! hope everyone has a great day!
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