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Hello again !!!!

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Hellooo!!! I am back!!! I was on here a few months back but then my internet packed in. At the time I had two cats Caspian and Nefertiti (a rescued stray kitten). Sadly Nefertiti was sick and had to be taken to the vets and sadly left us . Caspian decided he wanted to see the world and one morning he ran off and didn't come back and hasn't since. So last week I decided I would be brave and have two more kittens!!! So hello again from me and a big welcome to my new babies Amadeus and Synphony!!!!!!!!! (I am still looking for Caspian but he was a big male and I think hes probably found some nice queens some where)!!
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awww thats sad news, hope you do find him, but welcome back along
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.. Feel as you home my friend...
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I am so sorry to learn about your losses.

Welcome back to you and your new sweeties.
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Welcome back. I'm sorry to hear you lost Nefertiti and that Caspian ran away.
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So sorry to hear about your losses

Welcome back to the kitty family with your new furbabies.
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Welcome back to the wonderful world of kitties!
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